Nuking Facebook: 30 days later, the fallout

A month ago I did the unthinkable. I quit Facebook. There’s a lot you might learn from my experience, even if you never follow me. I didn’t bail in a pique over privacy or ethically questionable emotion experiments. I was fed up with the time-wasting inconsistency of a news feed that Facebook algorithmically displays in… Read More


Twitter now lets anyone use its free analytics tool

If you’re wondering how many people — or how few — interacted with your most recent tweet, well, Twitter has the answers. Twitter’s analytics tool, which was previously available only to verified users, advertisers, and card publishers, is now open to any English, Spanish, French, and Japanese user who has had an account for at… Read More


UW football coach who once banned his players from Twitter joins social network

University of Washington head football coach Chris Petersen is finally on Twitter, but don’t expect the 49-year-old to be posting his thoughts on the social network. Petersen on Monday created a personal Twitter account and has already racked up nearly 5,000 followers without scribing a single tweet. “First of all, Twitter is not for you guys,”… Read More

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Driving while tweeting: Airbiquity updates Choreo in-car system with hands-free Twitter integration

Airbiquity has updated its Choreo in-car services platform to enable hands-free integration with Twitter, so that drivers can keep track of what’s going on in their timeline from the road without getting distracted. The Seattle-based company, whose platform is used by automakers including Nissan, announced this week that drivers in cars using Choreo will be able to keep up… Read More


The problem with the police’s plea to ‘Tweet Smart’

Considering this week’s events in Ferguson, Missouri, isn’t it smartest for the public to tweet more real-time police activity in some emergencies, not less? A coalition of local law enforcement agencies, including the Seattle Police Department, recently put out a public plea that seemed tough to argue with. “Seattle-area law enforcement agencies are asking you to ‘Tweet Smart’… Read More


Get ready for video ads in Twitter

As a part of its ongoing quest to monetize its social networking service, Twitter announced Tuesday that it’s rolling out Promoted Video advertising for companies that want to get a clip in front of more users. Companies will now be able to pay Twitter for the ability to promote tweets that feature video content like previews… Read More


Twitter quietly nixes Bing Translate feature

Twitter has quietly stopped offering users the ability to instantly translate tweets using Bing’s machine translation feature, slightly more than a year after the company started using Microsoft’s technology. Users began noticing the feature’s absence earlier this week, though Twitter hasn’t said exactly when it stopped offering the service, or why. But one thing is… Read More


Facebook slowly recovering from morning outage

It’s Friday, which means it’s prime time for making weekend plans with friends on Facebook, or at least enviously reading updates from friends who have weekend plans. But today, that’s hit a snag. The Facebook home page has been replaced with an error message saying that something has gone wrong, and users of the company’s… Read More


Twitter stock surges by 30% after Q2 earnings beat expectations

Twitter shares are up more than 30 percent in after-hours trading after the social media giant posted better-than-expected second quarter earnings. Twitter beat Wall Street’s predictions for both revenue ($312 million, up 24 percent year-over-year) and earnings per share ($0.02). Analysts expected revenue of $283 million and an earnings per share of -$0.01. The company also reported 271… Read More


Bing now shows Twitter hashtag, handle results directly within search

Three years ago, Microsoft was at odds with Twitter in regard to including tweets in Bing search results. Now, though, it seems those issues have officially gone away. Bing is now featuring Twitter hashtags and handles in its results as part of its exclusive partnership with the social media giant that was inked last November. Certain content from Twitter was already showing… Read More


How to braid your time: Teamwork for creative minds

[Editor's Note: Author and teacher Jon Bell is a designer in Twitter's Seattle office and a speaker at the upcoming HIVE technology design conference.] While it’s true that creativity and inspiration can be hard to explain, quantify, or reliably trigger, there are some things we do know. First, creativity requires headspace. Think of your favorite novel, painting, movie, or album. None of them were… Read More


Twitter shuts down Tweetdeck to fix nasty vulnerability

It’s been a rocky Wednesday so far for Tweetdeck, to say the least. The popular Twitter-owned dashboard app has been hit with a nasty hack and shut down its service at about 10 a.m. PT today. A cross-site scripting vulnerability allowed hackers to remotely execute javascript code, resulting in thousands of Tweetdeck users reporting spammed pop-up windows and… Read More


Xbox enables Twitter TV integration for Xbox One, adds 45 more apps including Vine, Major League Gaming

Twitter and the Xbox One are joining forces. As its June Xbox update rolls out globally starting today — which gives users access to apps like HBO and Netflix, even to those without an Xbox Live Gold membership — Microsoft announced today a new Twitter app that will include integration with the Xbox One TV viewing experience. By… Read More

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Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams: Not all foreign tech giants are a threat

The perceived threat by foreign companies on U.S. tech giants is totally over hyped. Or, at least, that was the opinion floated yesterday by Twitter’s Co-Founder Evan Williams at the Quartz conference in Seattle. In general, the idea contrasts with conventional wisdom, which suggests that U.S. tech giants are vulnerable to technology companies from far-flung markets, particularly from places like Asia…. Read More

Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams, who is now  focusing on a new publishing platform calle Medium. (Photo credit: Kevin Lisota)

Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams sees companies stressing aesthetics and design, not core technologies

Evan Williams is known for engineering some of the more popular consumer platforms today. He founded Blogger, now owned by Google, co-founded Twitter, and more recently started Medium, a publishing platform that is free and open to anyone wanting to share their ideas. But despite his deep knowledge in building Internet services that support hundreds of millions of… Read More


E-commerce meets social: Amazon racks up 157K #AmazonCart tweets in 2 weeks

Amazon.com introduced #AmazonCart earlier this month, giving customers an easy way to add items they see on their Twitter feed to an Amazon online shopping cart. But is the new feature catching on with social media-savvy consumers? Seattle-based startup Simply Measured perused the analytics and found that #AmazonCart was tweeted more than 157,000 times during the first two weeks… Read More

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Amazon shopping hashtags won’t be a boon for Twitter

Amazon will not be sharing revenue with Twitter when a person adds an item to his or her shopping cart from the microblogging service. The new program, called #AmazonCart, allows customers to quickly add products to their Amazon shopping cart while they use Twitter. But an Amazon spokeswoman told GeekWire this morning that Twitter is not… Read More