A dirty cloud? Amazon and Twitter receive failing grades in ‘green Internet’ report

Facebook, Google and Apple are considered leading innovators when it comes to deploying renewable energy to power its data centers and cloud-based technologies, while Amazon and Twitter are “stuck in a dirty energy past.” That’s the latest finding from Greenpeace’s report: Clicking Clean: How Companies are Building the Green Internet. The report, released today, details how… Read More


Pew study: Half of Facebook, Twitter users find news on social media

Pew’s annual State of the Media report reveals some interesting data on the relationship between social media and digital news consumption in America. The study found that half of Facebook and Twitter users find news while on the social networks, whereas sites like Instagram, Tumbler and LinkedIn had far lower percentages. Overall, three in 10 Americans now… Read More


Two thumbs up 2.0: How social media affects our behavior at the movie theater

Social media tools are changing the movie theater experience before, during and after seeing a flick on the big screen. Nielsen’s annual American Moviegoing report shows specifically how moviegoers are interacting with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Before deciding which movie to see, 40 percent of those polled said they value recommendations they see posted by… Read More


Twitter tips: How to engage more people with your tweets

If you want ways to get more people re-tweeting your content, Twitter has some advice. The social media giant analyzed troves of its data from verified users in the U.S. to figure out what exactly attracts more retweets. Photos, videos and quotes were the most-retweeted types of content across all categories. Twitter grouped its findings into… Read More


Twitter is down, let the freak-out commence

Twitter has been down for the past 15 minutes or so. We’ve been unable to update our feeds from both the Twitter homepage and third party clients like TweetDeck. Twitter’s homepage notes that the site is “currently down for maintenance.” The Twitter Status page just posted that “most users are experiencing issues accessing Twitter on… Read More


Twitter smashes expectations with $243M in Q4 revenue, but user growth slows

Twitter reported today that its revenue for the fourth quarter of 2013 reached $243 million, up 116 percent year-over-year, marking a positive end to its first quarter as a publicly-traded company. The company reported non-GAAP earnings of 2 cents per share, and non-GAAP profit of $10 million. Those numbers soundly beat expectations from the Thomson Reuters… Read More


At least Denver won something: Broncos dominate Super Bowl conversation on Twitter

The Seattle Seahawks completely obliterated the Denver Broncos in just about every facet of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Off the field, however, is where Denver found some success. The Broncos dominated the conversation on Twitter — probably because everyone was talking about how poorly the Peyton Manning-led team was performing during its 43-8 loss. Which team… Read More

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How Twitter’s engineering teams maintain great company culture

As Chris Fry and Raffi Krikorian talk about Twitter’s ambitions as a company, the phrase “change the world,” is repeated numerous times. Lots of organizations say they want to change the world, but in fact, Twitter is actually doing it. There are few companies founded in the last decade that have achieved more success and caused more disruption than the… Read More


Social media study: Here’s how the world’s top brands effectively use Twitter

Most of the world’s top brands have utilized Twitter as a marketing tool, but some are doing better than others in terms of making the most out of their social media strategies. Simply Measured, a growing Seattle-based startup, today published an in-depth study of the world’s top brands and their Twitter account activity. The report, which… Read More


Syrian Electronic Army hits Microsoft…again

It’s a bad month to be one of Microsoft’s social media properties. For who missed it. #SEA — SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16) January 11, 2014 The Syrian Electronic Army managed to take over the company’s @MSFTnews and @Xbox Twitter handles, as well as the Official Microsoft Blog for a short time today. The attack comes a… Read More


Trending tech hashtag goes viral: Here are 10 truly awesome #FiveWordTechHorrors

[Update, Wednesday, 10:20 a.m. PT: We've added the graph above courtesy of Simply Measured. The company told us there were 96,651 tweets that have used the #FiveWordTechHorrors hashtag through 9 a.m. this morning.] Original story: It’s unclear as to how or why the #FiveWordTechHorrors hashtag started on Tuesday, but it’s trending worldwide right now on Twitter. Possibly taking… Read More


Tech employee survey: Twitter is the best place to work, LinkedIn 2nd, Facebook falls to 3rd

Twitter trumps Facebook — at least in employee approval ratings. That’s just one of the findings from Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employees’ Choice Awards, which ranked the top 50 best tech companies (over 1,000 employees) to work for based on feedback from employees covering aspects like career opportunities, compensation, senior management, work/life balance and culture. Glassdoor, which compiles salary… Read More

Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel

Apple, Microsoft, Google and other tech rivals urge Obama, Congress to curb snooping

While they’re usually fierce competitors, an octet of leading technology companies have banded together to ask the U.S. to take the lead when it comes to ending government surveillance. AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo have written an open letter addressed to President Barack Obama and members of Congress, asking for significant reforms when it… Read More


Twitter inks partnership with Deutsche Telekom

Twitter has partnered with German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom to “create a unique experience” for Telekom’s mobile subscriber base. At first, that means customers with Android phones will have a new Twitter widget pre-loaded onto their device’s home screen, though it also brings new advertising opportunities for Deutsche Telekom. “With the cooperation with Twitter we… Read More


Apple buys Ignition-backed Topsy to boost its social cred

The Apple acquisition train keeps on rolling. This week, the Cupertino-based company scooped up Topsy Labs, a startup that specializes in Twitter analytics, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Bellevue-based Ignition Parters was one of the firms backing Topsy, and it seems like they’ve made out fairly well for themselves. Sources close… Read More