Twitter using Bing to translate tweets automatically

Microsoft has come up with some pretty cool language translation applications over the past year, and now Twitter is getting in on the fun. The social network giant is testing out a built-in MIcrosoft Bing translation tool that allows users to translate tweets with one click. One person I follow that tweets a lot in a foreign… Read More


Bing Translator App out for Windows 8, lets you understand foreign words with a camera

Microsoft launched the Bing Translator for Windows Phone last November, but today it’s now available on Windows 8 and supports more than 40 languages. The Windows 8 version includes several of the same features, like text translation, text-to-speech and offline support. My personal favorite is how the app combines augmented reality with a camera and speech/text translation so that you… Read More

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Breaking down borders: Bing translator app now available for Windows Phone 8

Whether or not Microsoft is poised to lead the way in the tablet, video game and search engine arenas is still to be determined. But when it comes to language translation technology, the Redmond-based software company is certainly making strides. We wrote about the company’s potential breakthrough in speech recognition technology a few weeks ago and… Read More


Language breakthrough: Microsoft system turns English into Mandarin, in speaker’s voice

What happens in the video above is a potential breakthrough in speech recognition technology that could help to break down language barriers between countries and cultures. Microsoft Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid is speaking to an audience of Chinese students. He says a sentence in English, and seconds later, a computer speaks his words in… Read More