Tablet typing made easy: Touchfire adds 3D keys to your iPad Mini

When Seattle-area product designers Steve Isaac and Brad Melmon created their first keyboard for the iPad, they crushed the Kickstarter funding goal by more than $190,000. The original TouchFire, still available today for $50, was a lightweight, silicone rubber keypad that overlaid the iPad’s touchscreen with 3D keys that people found useful. Now, Isaac and Melmon are turning… Read More

The TouchFire keyboard for iPad

TouchFire: iPad ‘screen-top’ keyboard aims to boost typing

The iPad is great for many things — watching movies, reading magazines or playing games. But when it comes to typing, the onscreen keyboard leaves something to be desired. Seattle-area engineers Steven Isaac and Brad Melmon are looking to solve that problem with TouchFire, a lightweight, silicone rubber keypad that overlays the iPad’s touchscreen. The… Read More