Why George Gilder is right about the role entrepreneurs play in driving the economy

In his new book Knowledge and Power, futurist George Gilder challenges existing economic theories of both Keynesians and libertarians by placing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship at the center of economic development. In the early 1990’s, Gilder predicted the “end of television“ as the source of mass media entertainment, news and information; the importance of fiber optics with… Read More

Madrona's Tom Alberg

Newly-formed W Fund includes heavy hitters from Seattle venture capital

University of Washington vice provost of commercialization Linden Rhoads wants the state’s largest research institutions to spin-out more innovative technologies, creating new startups that fuel the economy and create jobs. And now she’s getting much closer to that goal with the creation of the W Fund, which we wrote about yesterday after the state’s Department… Read More