TINYpulse founder David Niu (right) spent six months abroad with his family, interviewing business owners and learning all about people management, culture and leadership.

Startup advice: CEO shares lessons in company culture, employee morale with free book

When you travel to 15 countries and interview entrepreneurs about their advice on management, culture and leadership, you’re bound to come away with some useful insight. That’s exactly what TINYhr CEO David Niu did two years ago, buying a one-way ticket to New Zealand with his wife and 10-month old daughter. Not only did the six-month trip… Read More


Study: Workplace happiness is driven more by co-workers, not managers

Employees love transparency, care more about co-workers than managers and don’t exactly know what their company’s mission is. These are some of the findings from TINYpulse’s robust new study that provides an interesting look into employee happiness — or lack thereof. It’s been one year since TINYpulse, which helps leaders get a pulse on how their employees are… Read More

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Is your workforce happy or burned out? TinyPulse lets employers know the real mood

Before a startup can get off the ground, entrepreneurs spend long hours analyzing data, reviewing processes and ensuring that there is a profitable need for the business. David Niu, however, did his research a little differently. Niu, the co-founder of NetConversions and BuddyTV, sold everything, stored the rest of his belongings in storage and bought one-way tickets… Read More