Matthew Inman

Yikes, somebody else is suing The Oatmeal now

Matthew Inman, the Seattle-based webcomic artist better known as The Oatmeal, responded to a threat of litigation earlier this year by launching a campaign to raise $20,000 for charity and drawing a picture of the threatening lawyer’s mother getting friendly with a bear. Ultimately he raised more than 10 times that amount for the National Wildlife… Read More


Oh, no, now the FunnyJunk lawyer is reportedly suing The Oatmeal’s charity picks

The legal squabbles between Matthew Inman, the Seattle based Web comic better known as The Oatmeal, and Charles Carreon, the attorney for the humor site FunnyJunk, are getting more bizarre. Reports circulating today indicate that Carreon — in addition to continuing his fight against Inman — is now turning his legal attacks on the American Cancer Society and… Read More