This app uses Kinect technology to prevent you from running into things while texting

Good news for smartphone addicts who just can’t keep their eyes off the iPhone: There’s an app in development designed to alert you of oncoming traffic. Juan Hincapié-Ramos, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Manitoba’s, is working on early-stage development of an app called CrashAlert that uses a depth-sensing camera to alert you of oncoming… Read More


‘World’s first text carrier’: Zipwhip debuts cloud-texting for landlines

Seattle-based Zipwhip was the first company to bring cloud-texting to your desktop via your mobile number, and now they’re doing it for business landlines. “This is one of the biggest announcements we’ve made in Zipwhip’s history,” CEO John Lauer told GeekWire. “We will be the world’s first text carrier. That’s a new term because of how unique… Read More


Texting while walking: Should this be illegal, too?

For the launch of Windows Phone last year, a Microsoft commercial poked fun at people walking around with their heads buried in their devices. But should the practice be outlawed entirely? That’s the question making the rounds after reports that police in Fort Lee, N.J., have started cracking down on the practice of texting while… Read More


Study: People are more likely to lie when texting

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have concluded that text messaging leads people to be more deceitful than other modes of communication, including face-to-face interactions and video chat. “People are communicating using a growing range of methods, from Twitter to Skype,” says professor Ronald Cenfetelli, co-author on the paper. “As new platforms of communication… Read More