Your TV is ringing: Comcast to offer Skype video calls in HD

Skype this afternoon announced a partnership with Comcast to bring video calls to more television sets — signaling that it isn’t standing still while it waits for its acquisition by Microsoft to be completed. Comcast says it will offer high-definition Skype calls as an extra service for its cable subscribers. It will work via an… Read More


Xbox plans Live TV, YouTube, Bing search, hints at DVR

Microsoft this morning confirmed plans to offer a live television service to users of its Xbox Live service, and hinted that it will include or connect to digital video recording features. The Xbox Live TV service was announced during the company’s briefing at the E3 video-game convention in Los Angeles. Xbox Live VP Marc Whitten… Read More


Comcast iPad app adopts Microsoft media technology

In a bit of cross-lake collaboration, Microsoft is now working with thePlatform, Comcast’s Seattle-based tech subsidiary, to integrate some of the Redmond company’s digital media technologies into thePlatform’s web video management system. And in an unexpected twist, the first rollout of the combined technologies is for Comcast’s Xfinity TV iPad app, in addition to online… Read More


How Microsoft would get people to watch commercials

Today’s nomination for Wackiest Microsoft Idea of the Week is a newly surfaced U.S. patent application with this head-scratching title: “System and Method for Encouraging Viewers to Watch Television.” Of course, this would seem like the last area where society is in need of technological innovation. Haven’t all of us couch potatoes pretty much solved… Read More

Hanson Hosein of the UW MCDM program.

Rewind: Hanson Hosein on SxSW, iPad 2, NYT paywall

Our guest this past weekend on the inaugural GeekWire Podcast was television news veteran and gadget aficionado Hanson Hosein, director of the University of Washington Master of Communication in Digital Media program. We talked about everything from his recent visit to South by Southwest Interactive to his thoughts on the new iPad 2 and the… Read More