Amazon’s first kids TV show gets mixed reviews from our expert panel (at my house)

With a well-received first season of political comedy “Alpha House” under its belt, Amazon will move further into original programming with the debut this week of “Tumble Leaf,” the first in a trio of children’s TV series from the e-commerce giant. The original content from Amazon Studios is key to Amazon’s attempt to compete with the likes of Netflix and… Read More

iSpot.tv CEO Sean Muller in the KIRO radio studios. (Erynn Rose Photo)

GeekWire Radio: Keeping score of Super Bowl ads

Yes, in case it’s not obvious, we’ve got Seahawks Fever around here, and this week’s GeekWire radio show is no exception. This special Super Bowl edition of the show features a conversation about one of the most closely watched parts of the game. Of course, we’re talking about Super Bowl ads. Our guest in the… Read More


Update: Amazon denies report that it plans pay TV service with live channels

Update, Wednesday morning: Amazon issued a statement denying the Wall Street Journal report. “We continue to build selection for Prime Instant Video and create original shows at Amazon Studios, but we are not planning to license television channels or offer a pay-TV service,” said Amazon spokesman Drew Herdner in an email. Original post: Some of… Read More


Set-Top Box Showdown: A graphical guide to your options

[Editor's Note: Jon Mann is a design director at Artefact, the Seattle-based technology product design firm. This post and graphic are republished with permission from the company's blog.] Remember when your choice of a TV service provider was your cable box or a set of rabbit ears? Life was simpler, less than 10 years ago……. Read More

Storyteller 1

Amazon launches free movie storyboard tool, with a catch

Amazon this morning launched a free online storyboarding tool through its Amazon Studios movie and television production group — aiming to give writers and filmmakers a new and easy way to visualize their scripts and share them with others for feedback. The tool, called “Storyteller,” is making its debut as a beta. It scans a… Read More


Do you binge-watch TV? 6 ways to justify your habit

You finish a great episode of a great show. You want to watch the next one, but you’ve already seen three of these and it’s getting late. Do you press play? If so, you’ve developed the tech-enabled entertainment habit known as binge viewing. And some people think you’re doing it wrong. “Slow down,” wrote Jim… Read More


Answer: This tech journalist is on Jeopardy! this week

Question: Who is Glenn Fleishman? He’s a longtime technology journalist based in Seattle, known for his work for the Seattle Times, Macworld, the Economist and many other publications, not to mention a highly entertaining and informative person to follow on Twitter. And he’s appearing on Jeopardy! this Thursday night, hoping to uphold a tradition of successful… Read More


Microsoft seeks patent on monetizing buttons of TV remote

How much would you pay to watch a replay of a great play, or skip a bunch of television commercials? And should you have to? Those are a couple of the questions raised by a newly surfaced Microsoft patent application. It’s called “Control-based Content Pricing,” and the basic idea is dynamic pricing of video content,… Read More

Geekwire Summit 2012

Q&A: Hulu CTO Richard Tom on the future of television

It’s rather stunning to think that Hulu was just a germ of an idea five years ago. Obviously, the entertainment industry has experienced a tectonic shift of epic proportions in that time. Backed by the likes of NBC Universal, News Corporation and The Walt Disney Company, Hulu has very quickly become one of the most… Read More

Apple TV

Channels as apps? How Apple could reinvent television

The reports of Apple’s attempts to come out with a new television product just got a little more interesting. The New York Post has behind-the-scenes details on Apple’s attempts to convince content providers to make their shows available on Apple’s terms for a new television product from the company. Yes, it’s the New York Post,… Read More


Mini-documentary: ‘A symphony of computer coding’ at KING5 online news hackathon

A while back we covered the buildup to (and dustup over) the “Hacking Seattle News” event organized by KING-5. The goal of the weekend coding marathon in October was to come up with new ways of distributing and consuming local news. KING’s news teams put together a behind-the-scenes piece documenting the event from start to finish, and it… Read More


Microsoft tries to reinvent TV ads in Xbox Live overhaul

Microsoft’s overhauled Xbox Live dashboard, rolling out this week, marks the start of a new effort by the company to change the way people interact with ads on television screens, using its Kinect motion sensor. The initiative shows how Microsoft is trying to grab a larger slice of the TV advertising market as it continues to… Read More


Q&A: How Comcast is adjusting to our changing TV habits

How are people actually using the web and mobile apps to interact with traditional television content? What’s next for the set-top box? And why isn’t Comcast supporting the Kindle Fire out of the gate? Those are some of the topics we discussed this week with Tom Blaxland, senior director of product management for Comcast Interactive… Read More

Mark Briggs

Why KING TV is hosting a hackathon, with a $10k prize

Seattle’s KING-5 is doing something unusual later this month, or at least something unusual for a regional television station. It’s bringing together a bunch of developers, designers and news geeks for a weekend hackathon, Oct. 14-16 at Adobe in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. The event is called “Hacking Seattle News,” and the goal is to come… Read More


Despite uproar, Netflix expects price overhaul to pay off

Netflix’s quarterly results today are being closely watched for the impact of the customer outrage over the price hikes recently announced by the company through the separation of its DVD-by-mail and online streaming services. So here’s the upshot: The company expects some short term pain from the price change to pay off in the form… Read More


Poll: Time to dump Netflix?

Netflix caused an uproar among its users today with a change in its subscription plans that boils down to a not-insignificant price hike for customers who want unlimited online streaming and unlimited DVDs by mail. Netflix will charge separately for DVDs and streaming. For example, someone currently paying $10 a month for streaming and one DVD… Read More


WiFi over TV spectrum: Microsoft tests ‘white spaces’ in U.K.

Microsoft and a large group of companies in the U.K. are launching a new trial of wireless Internet transmissions on unused “white spaces” television spectrum in Cambridge, England — seeking to prove, among other things, that the technology can work without conflicting with traditional television broadcasts. The  technology is often called “WiFi on Steroids” because… Read More