When earn-outs go bad: Cequint investors sue acquirer for interfering with deal’s potential

Nearly three years ago, Reston, Virginia-based TNS acquired Cequint in a deal that valued the Seattle caller ID startup for as much as $112.5 million. At the time, everyone appeared happy. Cequint CEO Rick Hennessey said the acquisition “would accelerate our opportunities and improve the offering to our carrier customers,” while TNS CEO Henry H. Graham Jr…. Read More


Poll: Is Microsoft’s Skype acquisition a smart move?

Microsoft’s $8.5 billion buyout of Skype marks the largest acquisition in the company’s history. But is it really a smart move? Depends on who you ask. GeekWire’s Todd Bishop has pointed out some of the potential benefits, noting that Skype’s integration with Kinect could be a killer application. A partnership also would combine Skype’s growing… Read More