Geoffrey Moore at the Technology Alliance luncheon.

Geoffrey Moore: How the tech industry is killing the middle class and what to do about it

Software may be “eating the world” as the saying goes. But that tectonic shift may not be a good thing for the U.S. middle class, accelerating its demise and threatening its existence. Those were some of the eye-opening remarks delivered Monday afternoon by author Geoffrey Moore at the Technology Alliance’s annual State of Technology Luncheon…. Read More


Zillow co-founder Rich Barton: ‘Kill the squirrel’

If you’re a squirrel, make sure you stay well clear of Rich Barton. The founder of Expedia and Zillow on Wednesday offered some key advice from his dad, applying a driving lesson from the road that he’s used in business to this day. “My dad used to say: ‘kill the squirrel,’” noted Barton. In other… Read More


Innovation Showcase: E-commerce, learning and medical ventures in the spotlight

Three business ventures ready for commercialization were spotlighted at the Tech Alliance Innovation Showcase at K&L law firm Tuesday afternoon with investors and industry leaders on hand. Here’s a quick rundown of the companies and their pitches. Saltbox Saltbox provides organizations with the ability to aggregate and analyze learning data resulting from multiple training activities. The… Read More