Want to pay lower cell phone taxes? Move to Oregon

If you want to save money on state and local cell phones taxes, living in Oregon, Nevada or Idaho might be a good idea. The Tax Foundation just put together this map from a study that was conducted earlier this year detailing combined federal-state-local wireless service tax rates for each state. Nebraska had the highest… Read More


Shares of Blucora soar as revenue grows 46 percent

Blucora, the Bellevue search and tax preparation company formerly known as InfoSpace, today reported a 46 percent in revenue for the fourth quarter. Shares jumped more than 10 percent in after hours trading. It now has a market value of more than $600 million. Revenue for the quarter was $97 million, with net income of… Read More


Avalara buys Tax Technology Services

Fast-growing Avalara is making another buy, purchasing Tax Technology Services for an undisclosed price. Avalara said in a release that the deal will extend its leadership in the area of sales tax exemption certificate management. Tax Technology Services is the maker of CertCapture, a service that acquires and maintains resale certificates, W-9s, excise tax, and other… Read More


Fast-growing Avalara opens new Seattle office at Pier 55

Avalara appears to be cornering the market on office space near the ferry terminals in the Puget Sound region. The maker of sales tax automation technologies, which recently moved into a new 17,500-square foot headquarters building on Bainbridge Island, is expanding along Seattle’s waterfront with new offices at Pier 55. It is the company’s second… Read More


Senate report says Microsoft sidesteps billions in taxes

This could get pretty ugly for Microsoft. A new report out by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has found that the software giant used subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, Ireland, Singapore and Bermuda to avoid more than $6.5 billion in taxes, Bloomberg News reports. H-P also is mentioned in the report, which is being led by Senator… Read More


Shares of Blucora soar 26 percent after big gains in Internet search revenue

Shares of Blucora skyrocketed more than 26 percent on Friday after the Bellevue Internet search and tax software company formerly known as InfoSpace posted strong earnings. The stock was trading at $16.13, a 7-year high according to Investor’s Business Daily. In a press release Thursday after the markets closed, Blucora CEO Bill Ruckelshaus said that… Read More


InfoSpace changes name to Blucora

One of Seattle’s longest-running Internet brands is being swept into the dust bin of history — and some may say it is about time. InfoSpace, the dot-com survivor founded by Internet entrepreneur Naveen Jain in 1996, today announced that it is changing its name to Blucora Inc. As part of the move, the Bellevue company… Read More

Nick Hanaeur.

TED curator shoots back at Hanauer, calls out Seattle VC and posts controversial talk

The controversy over Nick Hanauer’s recent TED talk about increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans just isn’t going away. Yesterday, GeekWire and others reported on how Hanauer’s economic talk was not being displayed on the TED Web site. “My arguments threaten an economic orthodoxy and political structure that many powerful people have a huge stake… Read More


InfoSpace shares soar after big revenue boost from new TaxAct unit

Investors are liking the new face of InfoSpace. The Bellevue company, a dot-com darling and survivor, transformed itself yet again with the $287 million purchase of online tax preparation company TaxAct earlier this year. And the addition of that unit is already adding a nice boost to InfoSpace, which Wednesday reported that revenues jumped 124… Read More


The best and worst tax systems in the U.S. for entrepreneurs

Washington state has one of the best tax systems in the country when it comes to supporting entrepreneurship and small business, according to a report out this week from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. Washington state, which has no income tax system, ranked fifth behind South Dakota, Texas, Nevada, and Wyoming. The bottom states included California,… Read More