Business tax climate index: Washington 6th, Oregon 12th

If paying fewer taxes is a huge concern for your business, Wyoming might be the place to be. That’s according to the Tax Foundation’s tenth annual State Business Tax Climate Index, which scores states based their tax provisions, from property tax to income tax to corporate tax, among others. Wyoming ranked first, while Washington came in sixth…. Read More

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New iPhone app eases the burn of state booze tax

More than a month into Washington state’s new laws on liquor sales, and consumers are still feeling the afterburn of sticker shock from taxes not necessarily shown on the shelf. Now, thankfully, there’s an app for that. Developed by Seattle-based tech journalist Matt Hickey (writer for The Daily and other publications) and Ryan Leisinger and Jon Ponsford… Read More


Arizona lawmakers push for to collect sales tax

Arizona and Amazon appear to be at loggerheads. Legislators in the state are reportedly pushing forward with a plan to have online retailers like collect sales tax, part of an ongoing battle between the online retailer and cash-strapped states, reports The Associated Press. As we previously reported, the state of Arizona is going after… Read More