Commentary: Tech apathy is killing Seattle’s soul

A bunch of friends and I recently converged on the Sound Mind and Body Gym in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood for a bittersweet final afternoon of full-court basketball. The gym closed its doors on March 31, converting what was arguably the most beautiful basketball venue in the Pacific Northwest into tech office space. The gym was… Read More

Matt Lerner

Commentary: How I taught my kids Python programming

I wanted to expose my kids to programming because it’s a great skill and a powerful way of thinking. And my kids spend enough time playing Angry Birds and Cut the Rope on my iPhone that I figure they should get a peek behind the curtain at how programming works. So whether you’ve never programmed… Read More


Hey, startups: Pretty soon you’ll be able to talk about your fundraising efforts

The world changes for startups on September 23. How? On that date, thanks to the JOBS Act, it will become legal for startups to “generally solicit” and “generally advertise” their securities offerings. Startups haven’t been able to actively promote their private fundraising efforts, well, since before we were all born. This is big deal. What do these… Read More


5 startup tips for taking informed risks

Entrepreneurs by definition are risk-takers. They break new ground and are unfailingly willing to step off the well-trodden path of conventional practice. For entrepreneurs, “risk” takes many forms: career (choosing a start-up over corporate stability); reputational (attaching name and reputation to an initiative that has real potential for failure); commercial (entering markets that may be… Read More

Scales of Justice. Photo via Eric the Fish

7 questions to ask your startup lawyer

Not all lawyers are created equal — and for an early-stage startup, the counsel you choose can seriously impact the course of your business. From getting slammed with surprise fees to getting passed along to attorneys who don’t understand what makes an early-stage startup different from, say, an established corporation with hundreds of employees, the… Read More


The ‘ify’ naming fad: Did Spotify start it?

Back in 2011, The Name Inspector wrote a post about the proliferation of startup names that make creative use of the suffix -ify, such as Spotify. At the time, he deemed the trend “disturbifying,” identifying about a dozen and a half examples. Those were simpler times. If The Name Inspector had realized, in all his innocence, just how… Read More


How youth sports made me a better startup founder

A few recent conversations have turned towards youth sports participation and the valuable life lessons they provide.  One in particular stood out to me – youth sports participation is one of the best training grounds for a startup founder. How would I know?  I was a competitive athlete pretty much since the time I could… Read More


HealthCheck: Software monitoring inside out

When we release software to customers, we immediately begin to consider how to monitor it. The goal is to find problems as early as possible, and always before our customers. We start with the basics: disk, memory, CPU load. Still, because of the complexity of the products we develop, there are countless examples of things… Read More


Book excerpt: Start on Purpose: Everything you need to know and do to startup with strength

Editor’s note: Despite high IQs, 80 hour work weeks, and technical achievements, the majority of startup entrepreneurs will fail to live out their entrepreneurial dreams.  Several years ago, author, business consultant and entrepreneurial coach Susan Schreter set out to uncover the pivotal mistakes and regrets of struggling entrepreneurs and bankrupt business owners, especially during the critical… Read More


11 key tips to stay productive while on the go

It’s hard enough to stay productive in the office or at your desk – with your full array of resources, hardware and professional creature comforts surrounding you. But when you’re away from your normal workplace – traveling on business, across town in meetings, or anytime you’re working while mobile – there are plenty of best… Read More


How to find that special someone: Your co-founder

My fiancee isn’t the jealous type but she likes to joke that I’m already married to my co-founder. Paul and I are three weeks into working full-time on our startup (details TBA), and we’re spending a ridiculous amount of time together. We’re bootstrapping, so that means working everyday out of his living room. We buy groceries together,… Read More


Introducing GeekWire’s community manager: Red Russak

It’s a big day for GeekWire, not only because we’re adding a great member to the team, but because this new role represents an important step toward realizing our broader aspirations for making GeekWire an asset for the technology community. We’re excited to introduce Joshua “Red” Russak as GeekWire’s new community manager. He’s a Seattle… Read More


Root beer peeing unicorns, and other comments of the week

Some lively discussions erupted on GeekWire this week as members of the tech community debated what it will take to make Seattle a thriving center of innovation and entrepreneurship. TeachStreet founder Dave Schappell sparked one, calling on angel investor Andy Sack, GeekWire and other members of the community to “raise the game.” It was a… Read More