Tacoma City Council to discuss regulations for Uber, Lyft, Sidecar

While Seattle has been trying to figure out how to regulate companies like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar for well over a year, Washington’s third-biggest city is just getting started. Just a 45-minute drive down from Seattle on Interstate-5 is where the Tacoma City Council will meet this afternoon to discuss ways to regulate the app-based transportation startups. All… Read More

Photo via Uber.

Uber transportation service coming to Tacoma in April

Heads up, Tacoma taxi drivers: You’re about to have new competition. Just weeks after Lyft and Sidecar began offering their transportation service in Washington’s third-largest city, Uber announced today that it will offer rides in the region next month. In a blog post, Uber includes a link for interested drivers and a form for businesses that… Read More


Dorky’s Arcade: ‘THIS IS NOT CHUCKY CHEESE!!!’

What is the proper role of the arcade in modern society? Should it be a place for boozing adults, or screaming kids? And can it be both? That is the question raised by the actions of the proprietors of the well-regarded Dorky’s Arcade, in downtown Tacoma, Wash., who have declared on the arcade’s Facebook page that… Read More