kindlefire1-small settles patent dispute over Kindle Fire has settled a patent infringement suit brought against the online retailer by Smartphone Technologies, a subsidiary of Acacia Research, according to a report by Smartphone Technologies filed the suit in October, alleging that Amazon’s new line of Kindle devices infringed on five patents held by the company. “We dispute the allegations of wrongdoing… Read More


Consumers losing patience with Microsoft on tablets

With all the buzz over the iPad and Kindle Fire lately, we don’t need a study to tell us that Microsoft Windows is will be playing catch-up in the tablet computer market. But a new report from the Forrester research firm this morning quantifies the effect in a way that will be sounding alarm bells… Read More

Amazon could use retail stores to tout its new line of tablet computers

Kindle Fire sparks mixed reviews, from dud to delight

On the GeekWire podcast this past weekend, we discussed how’s new Kindle Fire tablet was coming on the scene with an attractive $199 price tag. But we also pointed out some concerns of buying an “untested” device that had yet to be put through its paces in the wild. Now, as the Kindle Fire… Read More


Amazon said to boost Kindle Fire production as launch approaches

The Kindle Fire has yet to arrive on the doorsteps of customers. (Release date is set for November 14th). Yet, there’s been such strong demand that the Seattle online retailer has boosted its order volume with suppliers from four million to five million units this year, reports digiTimes citing anonymous sources. Amazon is hoping for… Read More


Foxconn reportedly set to produce next-generation Kindle Fire in 2012

This has the makings of the perfect Mike Daisey monologue. Foxconn, the giant Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, has reportedly entered into a deal with to produce the next-generation Kindle Fire tablet, reports DigiTimes. The shipments of the next-generation device are expected to begin in the first half of next year. Rumors have circulated that… Read More


The name Kindle Fire: Hot or not?

At first glance, Kindle Fire seems like a pretty good name. It uses a thematically coherent naming strategy, similar to the one that Apple used when it named the Macintosh, presumably inspired by the apple variety McIntosh. What’s more, the word fire, like the word apple, is simple and familiar, and has lots of metaphorical significance and emotional… Read More


In the world of eReaders, women dominate

Women are increasingly using electronic reading devices like the Kindle, while men still own more tablet computers like the iPad. According to a new survey by Nielsen, women now make up 61 percent of eReader owners. That’s up from 43 percent in the third quarter of last year. That’s a big jump, and comes as… Read More


Amazon’s IMDb targets Android tablets with app update

Will this be one of the showcase apps for’s long-rumored Android tablet? Internet Movie Database, the service better known as IMDb, today released a revamped version of its app for Android devices, including a new interface for Android Honeycomb tablets. IMDb already had an iOS app that runs on Apple’s iPad, but this new Android… Read More


Amazon tablet to shake up holiday shopping season?

A report from DigiTimes out of Taiwan overnight offers the latest clues about rumored plans by to launch its own line of tablet computers, potentially expanding beyond its dedicated Kindle e-readers into more multipurpose computing. Citing anonymous component makers, the site says Amazon will launch models as early as August or September, aiming for… Read More

Can Amazon dethrone the iPad?

Analyst: Microsoft can still be a player in tablets

Microsoft is certainly playing a tough game of catch-up against Apple’s iPad. But the software giant can make a comeback in the market for tablet computers. At least that’s the opinion of Citigroup, which predicts that Microsoft can attain “a meaningful share of the market in 2013 and beyond,” according to a Reuters report. The Citigroup… Read More