Geek of the Week: ‘See Jane Fix’ founder Alex McConnehey fixes devices with a personal touch

Getting a tablet or smartphone fixed by Alexandra McConnehey is not your ordinary repair shop experience. No dropping off your device at a counter, or sending it in the mail. The 24-year-old founder of “See Jane Fix” makes office calls, and she actually prefers it to be a social experience, talking with her customers and showing them what… Read More


Tech happens: When tablets and schools don’t mix

Memo to Microsoft: When it comes to Surface tablets in the classroom, be careful what you wish for. Because you might be the next victim of education’s Curse of the Bright Shiny. Much has been made of the news that the Los Angeles Unified School District’s bold billion dollar bid to give every one of… Read More


Microsoft cuts price on Surface RT to $349

Microsoft is looking to jumpstart sales of the Surface RT, dropping the price on the 32GB tablet from $499 to $349. The 64GB device also is getting a price cut, dropping to $449. The price cuts were spotted by Computerworld, which noted that the new prices were being offered through the Microsoft store as well… Read More


Amazon’s Kindle Fire dips back below 4% market share

Maybe the Kindle Fire really is the “fruitcake of tablets.” Worldwide market share for Amazon’s family of tablets dropped to 3.7 percent in the first quarter, according to new data from the IDC research firm, which says the Kindle Fire was the “victim of a highly seasonal product cycle.” In other words, lots of people are… Read More


Apple Mac not immune to slump in computer market

Apple will report its quarterly earnings Tuesday afternoon, providing the latest glimpse into the sales of the company’s main iPhone, iPad and Mac product lines. One underlying question: How much will the iPad cut into Mac sales? The shift in consumer spending toward the iPad and other tablets has been the big story in the… Read More


Barclays Bank makes a big buy, purchases 8,500 iPads

These are the type of deals that must take the wind out of the sails of Microsoft a bit. A few weeks after introducing the Microsoft Surface tablet, British banking giant Barclays has purchased 8,500 iPads in what is said to be among the largest purchase of tablets in the U.K. The Register reports on… Read More


Am I nuts if I don’t want a tablet?

I have a confession to make. The Surface is here, the iPad is everywhere, Jeff Bezos is promoting Kindle Fires again and tablets of all kinds are guaranteed to fly off the shelves on Black Friday and beyond. But I still don’t want one. Am I nuts? I’ve heard the arguments for a couple years… Read More


Microsoft Surface Day 1: The unboxing and bootup

My family’s new Microsoft Surface — the one that I convinced my wife to buy instead of an iPad — arrived this morning via FedEx. I haven’t had much time to spend setting it up and using it as I’d like, but I made sure to document the ceremonial unboxing and first bootup in the… Read More


VIDEO: Why these people bought a Microsoft Surface

Why wait in line for a Microsoft Surface? That’s the question we asked outside the Microsoft Store in Seattle today. Yes, the line at Seattle’s University Village included lots of people who either work for Microsoft, used to work for the company, or are close to people who do. This is Microsoft’s backyard, after all…. Read More