Microsoft research: 4 habits of the multi-screen viewer

Nowadays, with all the gadgets available to us, multi-tasking with multiple devices has become a regularity. While watching the game on TV, we’ll Tweet about it on our smartphone. When shopping on our PCs, we might use a tablet to find reviews. And if we have more questions about the cast members while watching The… Read More

Will Kindle's soon have airbags to prevent cracked screens?

Kindle Fire scorching Android tablet market with 33% share

In terms of dominating the Android tablet market, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is on fire. According to some rough estimates from mobile app analytics service Localytics, Kindle Fire devices in the U.S. alone account for 33 percent of all Android tablets worldwide. The United States alone has the world’s biggest tablet share at 59 percent, with… Read More


Microsoft GM: Surface Pro arriving in “coming weeks”

Thanks to Twitter, now we have an idea for a Surface Pro debut date. On my way to the factory to check out #Surface Pro coming off the line…arriving in the coming weeks. — Panos Panay (@panos_panay) January 15, 2013 That’s a Tweet yesterday from Panos Panay, the general manager of Microsoft’s Surface division. Microsoft… Read More


Analyst: Microsoft Surface estimate cut in half to 1 million

Analysts have been projecting sales numbers for Microsoft’s Surface and it isn’t looking good for the Redmond software giant. UBS analyst Brent Thill cut his estimate for Surface sales in half to just 1 million units sold this holiday quarter. Earlier this month, J.P. Morgan analyst John DiFucci predicted just 700,000 units sold. If the Surface… Read More


Big Fish teaming up with game-friendly Wikipad tablet

This past summer, Big Fish Games co-founder Paul Thelen addressed the crowd at Casual Connect and talked about how his company’s leap into cloud-based gaming was the “future of games.” Today comes another move that could help Seattle-based Big Fish stay ahead of the pack. The company, ranked No. 1 on our GeekWire 200 Startup Leaderboard, will partner… Read More


Dell exec to Steve Ballmer: Please rename Windows RT

At least one person wasn’t happy with the way Microsoft was naming its new ARM tablet operating system. Dell vice-chairman Jeffrey Clarke spoke at a conference last week and told a story of how he urged Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this year to rename Windows RT because it couldn’t run traditional Windows applications. Clarke… Read More


Microsoft Surface destroys iPad in hilarious fake ad

You’ve probably come across Apple’s clever new iPad mini advertisement featuring the two-hand duet from “Heart and Soul.” I thought it was clever and creative — typical of Apple ads. But a spoof of the ad featuring Microsoft’s Surface posted yesterday on YouTube had me cracking up. Produced by Seattle-based Cinesaurus, the video starts just… Read More


Tablet Cheat Sheet 2.0: Now an editable spreadsheet

After posting our initial Tablet “Cheat Sheet” yesterday, to help keep track the array of tablets hitting the market, we received lots of feedback from readers suggesting improvements and additions. GeekWire contributor Christopher Budd was participating in the comment thread and jumped in to help by putting the key info into a web-based spreadsheet. I’ve… Read More


iPad fans react to a Windows 8 tablet — will they switch?

Will iPad lovers give Windows 8 tablets a chance? That’s the question we asked for this week’s installment of Geek on the Street. GeekWire stood outside of the Apple Store in Seattle’s University Village, and showed people who came out of the store a tablet running Microsoft’s new operating system. The hardware we used was the very basic… Read More


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Another push for the pen

Is pen-based computing finally poised to go mainstream? That’s one of the more intriguing questions raised by Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. The company’s mobile division announced this morning that the new Android-based device will be available later this month, building on the earlier launch of its 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note phone. Pricing wasn’t… Read More


Can Microsoft finally make the stylus go mainstream?

The concept of the stylus as an input for computing has been around for a long time, with people dragging items around the screen with a pen and scribbling in digital ink. Microsoft first attempted to popularize the approach with its original Tablet PCs a decade ago. The rise of screens and the iPad pushed… Read More


Amazon’s Kindle Fire slips to 4% of worldwide tablet market

The Kindle Fire may have captured more than 50 percent of the Android tablet market in the U.S., according to one recent report – but in the bigger picture, Amazon’s tablet isn’t doing as nearly well. That’s the word from the IDC research firm, whose tally of the worldwide media tablet market shows the Kindle Fire slipping… Read More


Amazon.com mum on latest employee meeting at KeyArena

Amazon.com is holding a sizable meeting of employees today at KeyArena in Seattle, triggering traffic alerts for the surrounding neighborhood. About 1,800 employees are attending. It’s not unusual for Amazon to hold its big employee meeting at KeyArena, but what caught our attention is that Amazon already had its big annual employee meeting there in March… Read More


Refurbished Kindle now $99: Sign of new Kindles soon?

Hey, the Kindle has finally dropped to the magic price of $99.99 … if you don’t mind getting a refurbished model. Gadget bloggers and deal hounds are pointing to Amazon’s price reduction on the refurbished, WiFi-only version of the Kindle 3 as evidence that the company is clearing the way for the rumored next-generation Kindles…. Read More


Report: Amazon preps for big sales of its tablet at launch

Rumors about Amazon.com’s plans to release its own tablet computer have been around for months, but now they’re getting specific, and more interesting. A new report by DigiTimes out of Taiwan says Amazon is gearing up for production of as many 1 million to 1.2 million of its new tablets in the third quarter of… Read More