Swype (the unofficial version) comes to the iPhone

Swype raises more cash, looks to top 100 million installs

Swype, which allows mobile device owners to input text with the swipe of a finger rather than the traditional tap, has pulled in an additional $2.5 million in venture capital financing from existing investors, reports All Things D. The money comes on top of a $3.5 million round that closed in late March, and brings… Read More

Swype (the unofficial version) comes to the iPhone

Swype CEO responds to jailbroken iPhone ‘hack’

Nearly every time I see Swype CEO Mike McSherry, I ask him a simple question: When will the popular mobile text-input system arrive on the iPhone? He shrugs it off, noting that they’ve actually built a fully-functional version of the Swype keypad for Apple iOS devices. But it won’t work until Apple opens up its… Read More


Swype 3.0 adds ‘predictive tap’ to mobile input technology

Swype, the Seattle startup whose mobile input technology works by dragging a finger across a virtual keyboard, is rolling out an update today that adds the ability to tap out words the old-fashioned way. The Swype 3.0 beta update adds “predictive tap” technology, as an alternative to the Swype input technique. It includes tap correction… Read More


Exclusive: Fast-growing Swype scores cash from Ignition, hints at Apple iOS integration

One of Seattle’s hottest startup companies has scored cash from one of the region’s biggest venture capital firms. Swype, which allows consumers to input text on mobile phones and tablet computers with the “Swype” of a finger, has landed $3.5 million in a deal led by Bellevue-based Ignition Partners. Swype CEO Mike McSherry tells GeekWire… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: AT&T, T-Mobile and a wild week in tech

This week on the GeekWire Podcast: We look back on one of the biggest weeks we can remember in technology news, including AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA, Apple’s trademark dispute with Amazon.com, and Microsoft’s patent case against Barnes & Noble over Android. Mobile industry veteran Paul Griff, the CEO of RootMetrics, joins us as… Read More


Photo of the day: Governor Gregoire learns to Swype

Governor Chris Gregoire loves to promote Washington products, from wine to cherries to airplanes. And now she’s got another one to add to her list: Swype. The governor gave the cutting-edge text-input technology for mobile phones and tablets a spin at an event earlier this week in Seattle. Swype was honored on Monday night as… Read More

Swype (the unofficial version) comes to the iPhone

What’s next for Swype? Old-school ‘tapping’

Swype founder Cliff Kushler invented one of the most innovative text-input technologies, allowing users of touchscreen devices to quickly input text with the simple swipe of the finger. But not everyone “Swypes.” And for those who don’t, the Seattle startup is working to add the more traditional method of inputting text: tapping. That may seem… Read More