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Nebulous ‘cloud computing’ term baffles most Americans

Geeks like us hear the words “cloud computing” almost every day, using it ourselves to explain a host of different online-based services. But how do folks in the heartland or other less tech-savvy places feel about cloud computing? Well, there’s still a ways to go in terms of grasping the concept, if a new survey… Read More


QuestionPro gobbles up PollBob to bolster mobile offerings

QuestionPro is buying PollBob, a small New Orleans consumer Internet startup that specializes in online and mobile polling technology. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but QuestionPro CEO Vivek Bhaskaran tells GeekWire that the acquisition will help strengthen its battle against Survey Monkey, especially in the increasingly important mobile arena. “They’ve done a really amazing job… Read More


This Internet thing is gonna be pretty huge after all: Nearly half of the planet’s population to become Web users by 2016

In case you need a friendly reminder, The Boston Consulting Group just came out with projections for how the Internet is transforming the way we conduct commerce, communicate and, basically, live our daily lives. The latest survey indicates that  by 2016, roughly 45 percent of the world’s population, or three billion people, will be using… Read More


Holiday e-commerce sales are already off to a very fast start

Americans appear to be a giving mood this holiday season — at least when it comes to buying items on online retail sites. comScore announced today that it expects e-commerce spending to grow by 15 percent this year, part of a “significant channel shift” from bricks-and-mortar retail to online retail. In fact, comScore’s report indicates… Read More

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Chart: How TV viewing habits are changing

The erosion of the traditional broadcast TV business has been well documented. But it is not deteriorating as fast as we thought. According to Ericcson’s TV & Video Consumer Trend Report, 84 percent of respondents watched a scheduled TV broadcast in 2011. That compares to 88 percent who did so last year. Meanwhile, 33 percent… Read More


Venture capitalists: We desperately need more IPOs

We’ve seen a number of high-profile initial public offerings in recent weeks — including the debuts of LinkedIn and Pandora – as well as a couple Seattle area companies file to take the IPO plunge — Impinj and Zillow. But the recent momentum is not good enough for venture capitalists. According to a survey released… Read More