Surface Pro 3: A big clue about Microsoft’s future

This is not the tablet we expected. But it says a lot about where Microsoft is headed. Rather than announcing a new Surface Mini yesterday, the Redmond company went in the opposite direction, unveiling a super-sized, 12-inch Surface Pro 3 with new features designed to make it a more reasonable laptop replacement. Bloomberg reports that new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella… Read More


Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 may appear at event next week

Microsoft may be refreshing it Surface Pro tablet line next week. Twitter user NotCassim spotted a now-removed Microsoft support page which references a Windows 8.1 update for the Surface Pro 3. A number of reports in recent weeks have suggested that Microsoft will be unveiling an Intel-based Surface. The Surface Pro line is designed to offer the… Read More


Seahawks star Russell Wilson still ‘honestly’ loves his Microsoft Surface

Russell Wilson isn’t lying when he expresses admiration for Microsoft’s Surface tablet. As part of Microsoft’s latest Surface commercial that features people saying “honestly,” the Seattle Seahawks quarterback explains why he loves his Surface Pro 2 so much during what’s been a busy NFL offseason for the 25-year-old. “It’s great for watching game film, drawing up… Read More


Watch out, Microsoft: Apple says iPad accounts for 90% of enterprise tablet activations

Microsoft is aiming to protect its turf inside large businesses with the help of Windows tablets that run Office, but a new statistic demonstrates the size of the challenge facing the company. During Apple’s quarterly earnings call this afternoon, CEO Tim Cook said that 90 percent of tablet activations in the enterprise are iPads, despite… Read More


Microsoft Surface best guess: Around 1.5M tablets sold

So how is Microsoft’s Surface business doing? The company reported yesterday that Surface revenue in the December quarter was $893 million — more than twice the result of $400 million in the September quarter. However, Microsoft didn’t disclose the number of units sold or the comparable revenue figure for the same quarter last year. Fortunately… Read More


Mystery: Microsoft’s Surface Excel billboard doesn’t add up

One of the competitive differentiators for Microsoft’s Surface vs. the iPad is the availability of the core Microsoft Office apps, as highlighted by Microsoft in its recent criticism of the “watered down productivity apps” available on other tablets. Which is why Apple fans are having a field day with this Microsoft Surface 2 billboard in… Read More


Microsoft’s financial results show how hardware is reshaping its business

One of the built-in benefits of Microsoft’s traditional software business has been the giant profit margins. In its quarterly earnings report today, for example, the company’s commercial licensing segment (including sales of Windows and Office to businesses) had a gross margin of $8.8 billion on revenue of $9.5 billion. That’s more than 90 percent. But… Read More


Microsoft: Apple’s free iWork on iPad is ‘an attempt to play catch up’ to Office on Surface

Apple’s decision to offer its iWork suite for free on new iPads is drawing a spirited response from Microsoft’s communications chief. In a new blog post, Frank Shaw disputes the notion that the move is a competitive threat to Microsoft, pointing out that the gold standard productivity suite, Microsoft Office, already comes for free on Surface… Read More


Delta pilots swapping iPad for Surface 2 tablet

First, Delta equipped 19,000 flight attendants with Windows Phones. Now, the pilots are getting in on the Microsoft fun. Paul Thurrott at WindowsITPro reports that Delta will hand out the new Surface 2 tablet to all of its pilots, instead of Nokia’s unreleased Sirius tablet as originally planned. Currently, Delta pilots are allowed to bring… Read More