Microsoft Surface Diary: Here’s my keyboard advice

One of the big decisions people have to make when considering a Microsoft Surface tablet involves the keyboards: Which one should you get? The options are the TouchCover pressure-sensitive keyboard ($119 on its own or included with a $599 32GB or $699 64GB Surface) or a TypeCover keyboard with moving keys ($129). Here’s my first… Read More


Microsoft Surface Day 3: Hardware, Skype, and trying to link Surface to iPhone

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is the first computer developed end-to-end by the longtime software company. So how is the hardware? Equal parts cool and disappointing, at least in my initial experience. After using my family’s Surface for a couple days now, I’ve come to understand why Microsoft’s initial wave of advertising has focused on the satisfying “click”… Read More


Microsoft Surface Day 2: Setting up our new ‘iPad’

In my house, our gadgets tend to go by alternative names that speak to the ways certain members of the household view them. For example, the Xbox 360 controller is the “Netflix clicker.” And our new Microsoft Surface has quickly become known as “the iPad” — meaning that my wife expects it to live up… Read More


Microsoft Surface Day 1: The unboxing and bootup

My family’s new Microsoft Surface — the one that I convinced my wife to buy instead of an iPad — arrived this morning via FedEx. I haven’t had much time to spend setting it up and using it as I’d like, but I made sure to document the ceremonial unboxing and first bootup in the… Read More