A Cray XC30 supercomputer

Supercomputer maker Cray wins $30M contract from German university

Seattle supercomputer maker Cray announced today that it has signed a $30 million deal to expand its XC30 system at the University of Stuttgart. The new supercomputer, nicknamed Hornet, will be able to process a quadrillion mathematical calculations per second. The Hornet will be used at the University’s High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, providing a useful tool… Read More


German agency seals $23M deal for high-powered Cray supercomputers to improve the science of weather predictions

Seattle supercomputer maker Cray Inc. has sealed a $23 million deal to deliver two XC30 supercomputers and two Sonexion 1600 storage systems to Germany’s National Meteorological Service, one of the world’s top weather prediction centers. Cray said in a press release today that researchers at Deutscher Wetterdienst, or DWD, will be able to use the machines to produce… Read More


Seattle supercomputer maker Cray revises outlook

Shares of Seattle supercomputer maker Cray Inc. fell Friday morning after it announced preliminary results for 2012, noting that it expects revenue of $420 million on the year. Analysts had expected revenue of $446 million for the fiscal year. The company, which recently closed the acquisition of Appro, said that its gross margins for the… Read More


Supercomputer deal: Cray to acquire Appro for $25M

Seattle-based Cray is aiming to improve its position in high-performance computing with a $25 million cash acquisition of Appro International — a California-based company that is currently the No. 3 provider of systems on the closely watched Top100 supercomputer list. Appro, headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., will form the basis for a new Cluster Solutions business… Read More


Cray boosts revenues as it awaits word on $150M order

Supercomputer maker Cray Inc. today reported net income of $147.4 million on revenue of $84.2 million, a “strong quarter” in the words of CEO Peter Ungaro. The boost in net income came in part through a $139.1 million gain tied to the company’s sale of its interconnect hardware development program to Intel Corporation. The company, whose… Read More


Cray to deliver ‘Cascade’ supercomputer to DOE researchers in $40M deal

Seattle supercomputer maker Cray announced today that it has won a $40 million contract to deliver its next-generation supercomputer, code-named “Cascade” along with its Sonexion storage system, to the Department of Energy’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. The supercomputer will be used for detailed analysis in the fields of climate modeling, biology, environmental sciences, fusion energy,… Read More


Supercomputer maker Cray expands in China

Cray announced today that it has established a new subsidiary in China in order to sell the company’s large supercomputing and storage systems, as well as provide training to customers in the Asian market. The new subsidiary, dubbed Cray Computing Equipment, will be based in Beijing’s Haidan district. With the new unit, the company said… Read More


Seattle supercomputer maker Cray loses veteran CTO

Steve Scott, who worked for Cray since 1992, most recently serving as senior vice president and chief technology officer, is leaving the Seattle supercomputer maker later this month for a job at an undisclosed company. A SEC filing indicated that Scott would be taking a “senior position at a technology partner” of Cray, but it… Read More