Stratos Genomics lands investment, secures partnership with biotech giant Roche

Seattle biotech company Stratos Genomics today announced a new partnership with Roche, a Switzerland-based biotech giant. Roche has made a strategic investment in Stratos to support development of the company’s technology, called Sequencing By Expansion (SBX), which converts DNA into more easily-read polymer and makes it cheaper and faster to sequence DNA. Roche, a leader in research-focused healthcare that employs more… Read More


SpaceJump sets new bar for daredevils, brand managers

Apparently, Red Bull really does give you wings. At least it certainly seemed that way Sunday when Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner inched out of his capsule from 128,100 feet high in the sky and began a record-setting 24-mile fall back to Earth. It was a historic moment for Baumgartner, who reached record-setting speeds of 833.9… Read More