Charles Beames

Tech Moves: Paul Allen names space chief; Bsquare’s new CEO

—Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has named a new space commander to lead the charge on his ambitious Stratolaunch project. He’s tapped Charles Beames — a Department of Defense veteran and Air Force Academy grad —as executive director of Stratolaunch. “Stratolaunch is the next step in America’s drive for even more viable and flexible commercial space… Read More


Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch opens giant hangar for world’s largest aircraft

The world’s largest aircraft needs a ginormous place to live, and that’s exactly what Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch has built. Stratolaunch Systems, the commercial space venture backed by the Microsoft co-founder, just opened a new hangar for the world’s largest plane that is set to launch into space by 2016. The 103,257 square-foot hangar is based in Mojave,… Read More


SpaceX and Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch part ways over rocket design changes

Stratolaunch Systems, the commercial space venture backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has cut ties with one of its high-profile partners, SpaceX, one of the pioneers in the industry. Gary Wentz, the Stratolaunch CEO, confirmed the news Tuesday in a message to the Flight International news site. “Stratolaunch and SpaceX have amicably agreed to end our… Read More


Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch aircraft passes initial review

Paul Allen is one step closer to his childhood dreams of space. The FlightGlobal blog reports that Stratolaunch Systems has finished preliminary design review of its space-launch system. “The carrier aircraft conducted their preliminary design review on [August 27-28] in Mojave, California,” says the company, which notes that it’s now reviewing the data package and… Read More


SpaceX and beyond: Latest from the new space race

The docking of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule with the International Space Station is a landmark for the private space industry, marking the first time a commercial spacecraft has flown a mission to the International Space Station, to deliver supplies. SpaceX is one of many companies developing commercial space technologies and planning to launch their own spacecraft… Read More