Microsoft and Sinofsky reach ‘retirement’ deal: $14M in stock, restrictions on activity

Six months after the departure of Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft has reached a “Retirement Agreement” with the former executive — awarding him stock worth more than $14 million in exchange for his agreement not to compete against the company, disclose secret information, disparage Microsoft or work for certain competitors. The agreement was disclosed… Read More


Look out, ex-Windows chief Sinofsky is blogging again

He couldn’t stay away from the keyboard for long. Steven Sinofsky, the former Microsoft Windows president, launched his own blog today called “Learning by Shipping” — promising to share “thoughts and perspectives on product development, management, and the process of bringing new products to market.” Sinofsky was legendary inside Microsoft for his lengthy posts, for both internal… Read More


Ballmer, Sinofsky and the struggle for the soul of Microsoft

This was the rap on former Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky following his sudden exit last month: He was unwilling to play along with the rest of the company — making him a poor fit as Microsoft looks to integrate its products more deeply and compete more effectively in the fast-paced world of consumer technology…. Read More


Sinofsky Shocker: Windows President is Leaving Microsoft

So much for all that talk about Steven Sinofsky being the next CEO of Microsoft. In a surprise move this evening, Microsoft announced that the Windows president is leaving the company, effective immediately, less than three weeks after the release of Windows 8. “It is impossible to count the blessings I have received over my… Read More


Here comes Windows 8: What’s at stake for Microsoft

Later this morning, at a launch event in New York City, Microsoft will introduce Windows 8 to the world. Tomorrow, Windows 8 will debut in stores. This is the biggest change in Microsoft operating systems since the move from MS-DOS to Windows more than 25 years ago, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for the… Read More


Shipped! Windows 8 is done, set for October release

Microsoft this morning announced RTM for Windows 8, which stands for Released to Manufacturing, which is the technical phrase for, “Woohoo, we’re done!” — to whatever extent software can be considered “done” in this modern era of regular online updates. Computer makers will now be able to build Windows 8 PCs in advance of the… Read More

Steven Sinofsky making the announcement in Japan. (Microsoft photo.)

Windows 8 ‘release preview’ coming first week in June

Microsoft will distribute a “release preview” of Windows 8 during the first week of June, getting closer to finishing one of the biggest overhauls in the history of the company’s PC operating system. Steven Sinofsky, the Windows president, announced the plan during a Windows developer event in Japan tonight, and Microsoft spread the news via… Read More


Analyst: Microsoft wrestling with ARM as Windows 8 nears

Veteran Wall Street analyst Rick Sherlund of Nomura Research has issued a report following a series of investor meetings last week with Windows marketing chief Tami Reller, providing a glimpse into the status of Microsoft’s Windows 8 as the company gears up for its launch, expected later this year. One of the more interesting tidbits… Read More


Details on Windows 8 for ARM, plus a peek at Office 15

Microsoft today gave more details about its plans for Windows 8 on ARM processors — a key initiative designed to expand the reach of the operating system beyond traditional PCs to the architecture common in mobile devices and tablet computers. Windows President Steven Sinofsky writes in a blog post that the goal is for hardware… Read More

The new 'Windows 8' start screen (Credit: Microsoft)

Windows 8, the first real glimpse: Tiles on a tablet

[Updated below] Microsoft’s Windows 8 will offer new start screen optimized for tablet/slate computers that uses a tile interface reminiscent of the company’s Windows Phone interface. Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky is on stage right now giving a sneak peak of the interface, talking with Walt Mossberg at the D9 conference down in California. The operating… Read More


Microsoft loosening the lid on Windows 8?

[Updated below with Microsoft's statement on Ballmer's comments] Two separate developments today suggest that Microsoft may be gearing up to share more information about Windows 8, or whatever the company ends up calling the next version of its PC operating system. First, as noted by Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said… Read More