Steve Jobs to appear on U.S. postage stamp in 2015

Steve Jobs is joining the ranks of Ray Charles, Joe DiMaggio, Dwight D. Eisenhower and countless other American heroes. Yep, the Apple co-founder will be immortalized on a U.S. postage stamp, starting in 2015. The Washington Post uncovered a list of those who will appear on stamps in the future, with the Jobs stamp currently… Read More


iFlop: Steve Jobs movie disappoints on opening weekend

If you were looking to share your thoughts on the new “Jobs,” movie today at the water cooler, chances are your colleagues probably didn’t catch the film this weekend. Early box office estimates have the Ashton Kutcher-led biopic reeling in just $6.7 million during opening weekend in the U.S. and Canada. Official numbers will be… Read More


New “Jobs” trailer backed by Macklemore remix

The latest trailer for the Steve Jobs biopic is out, and as before, Ashton Kutcher’s performance as the titular character is backed by “Can’t Hold Us” by Seattle’s own Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. This time, though, the sound editors have decided to take some liberties with the original composition, emphasizing “Return of the Mac(k)” as… Read More

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Can’t Hold Ashton Kutcher: “Jobs” movie trailer is here, with music by Macklemore

Today saw the release of the first trailer for “Jobs” the biopic about Apple’s late CEO starring Ashton Kutcher as the titular character, with Josh Gad playing Steve Wozniak. Check it out above. Backing it up is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us,” which is interesting, considering that the Seattle rapper was just recently… Read More


Bill Gates says Steve Jobs was “always cooler than me”

Steve Jobs may have been “cooler” than Bill Gates, and that’s OK. The Microsoft co-founder and chairman made his first-ever appearance on The Colbert Show last night and answered questions about his philanthropy, his days at Microsoft and Jobs. “I was lucky enough to meet Steve Jobs a few times, and people always say ‘what… Read More

The Steve Jobs Flash Mob

Video: Flash mob at Apple Store honors Steve Jobs

They trickled in to the Apple Store at Seattle’s University Village one by one this morning, wearing black mock turtlenecks and wire-rimmed glasses. And then it began. The flash mob was organized by the Filter digital agency to mark the one-year anniversary of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death — with a crowd of a couple… Read More


Apple co-founder Wozniak gives Microsoft props for design

Has Steve Wozniak gone Team Microsoft? As the Huffington Post reports, the Apple co-founder said at an Entel technology press conference in Chile that he is impressed by the design of Microsoft’s new products. “I made a joke that Steve Jobs came back reincarnated at Microsoft,” he said, noting that he wants to own a Surface tablet…. Read More


Mike Daisey to debut altered version of The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs

Mike Daisey’s fall from grace was well documented after This American Life retracted a story about the worker abuses that the playwright claimed he saw at Chinese consumer electronics factories. Daisey — after several days of painful rumblings in which he said, among other things, “What I do is not journalism” — eventually apologized for making stuff up. But… Read More


Malcolm Gladwell: In 50 years, Bill Gates will be revered and Steve Jobs will be forgotten

In a recent appearance at the Toronto Public Library’s Appel Salon, author Malcolm Gladwell provided some fascinating remarks about the role of entrepreneurs in society, drawing some interesting conclusions about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Gladwell called Gates “the most ruthless capitalist” until the day when he “wakes up one morning and says… Read More


Adam Lashinsky: ‘There’s nothing shiny or happy … inside the doors of Apple’

Fortune senior editor Adam Lashinsky stopped by the offices of Zillow earlier this month as he touted his new book: “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works.” The interview — conducted by Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Amy Bohutinsky — provides some interesting insights into the culture of Apple and how Lashinsky… Read More


Google vs. your wife, Apple’s piles of cash, rooting for Cozi, and other quotes of the week

The best insights, observations, comments, tweets and random zingers we heard this week. “In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience.” — Google privacy director Alma Whitten announcing the unification of the company’s privacy policies and user data. “Google will know more about you… Read More