Check out Gabe Newell’s insane knife collection

Apparently, Gabe Newell likes to collect knives. Sam Hulick, an award-winning composer for video games, Tweeted out this photo a few days ago from a time when he visited Newell’s office. I guess the Valve co-founder not only loves video games, but knives, too. Be sure to check out what Newell said at last week’s DICE 2013… Read More


Valve unveiling Steam Box this year, will run on Linux

It looks like the Steam Box is coming and will run on Linux. German IT site Golem is reporting that Valve engineer Ben Krasnow spoke at a EHSM conference a few weeks ago and confirmed that Valve’s “Steam Box,” a PC designed to connect to your TV and take advantage of the Steam’s Big Picture mode, will debut… Read More


Valve opens Steam for Linux beta to everyone

After opening the doors to a limited beta of Steam for Linux to just 1,000 people last month, Valve is now rolling out Steam Linux beta for all users. People can now play 39 titles in beta, including Team Fortress 2, Portal and Serious Sam BFE, with Left 4 Dead 2 coming soon. Valve co-founder Gabe Newell said earlier this month… Read More

Valve's Gabe Newell

Gabe Newell: Valve to build a gaming PC for the living room

While most of the next-generation console talk is about the future of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo products, there could be another player in the mix: the PC. That’s at least according to Valve’s Gabe Newell. Speaking to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier at Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards, Newell briefly discussed “stronger-than-expected” reactions to Steam’s TV-friendly “Big Picture”… Read More

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Steam’s Big Picture out of beta and into your living room

After nearly three months in beta mode, Steam is making its free “Big Picture” mode available to public, giving PC gamers a new option for playing PC games on large-screen displays such as TV sets. To help celebrate, Bellevue-based Steam is putting on a “Big Picture Celebration Sale” with several of the company’s controller-friendly games discounted by as… Read More


Gamer’s dream: Valve seeks testers for upcoming games and hardware prototypes

Here’s your chance to get a sneak peak into Valve’s latest games and gadgets. The Bellevue-based video game company needs local testers to try out “released and unreleased versions of our games,” and some of Valve’s hardware prototypes, writes Valve’s Burton Johnsey in a post on the Steam forum. If you’re interested, take this survey that… Read More


Steam ‘Big Picture’ game mode arrives today in beta

Look out, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo: There’s a new player in the living room. Valve, the video-game company behind the Steam distribution system, plans to launch the public beta of its “Big Picture” mode later today, giving PC gamers a new option for playing PC games on large-screen displays such as TV sets. It’s part… Read More


Steam on a roll as Valve targets bigger screens for games

The Steam video-game platform for Macs and Windows PCs grew substantially in 2011 — with unit sales of games rising more than 100 percent for the seventh straight year, according to new statistics released this morning by Valve, the Bellevue-based company behind the Steam system, often called the iTunes of video games. Valve also signaled… Read More


Valve says intruders accessed Steam customer database

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell just sent a message to users of the company’s Steam video-game platform disclosing that online intruders gained access to a Steam database containing customer data, including encrypted credit card information. The Bellevue-based company, whose PC gaming platform is often called the iTunes of video games, says it discovered the intrusion in… Read More


Valve’s Newell predicts Apple will shake up game consoles

Over the weekend we posted Valve co-founder Gabe Newell’s recent comments about the pricing experiments that the company conducts using its Steam distribution system for PC games. During another portion of the same WTIA TechNW panel, Newell shared his thoughts on the future of game consoles — predicting that Apple will bring about big changes in the living room…. Read More