Vinod Khosla on failure, thinking big and why the best entrepreneurs are under 25

Don’t call Vinod Khosla a venture capitalist. After all, the venerable Silicon Valley investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist doesn’t really have the best opinion of those who invest other people’s money in startups. “I refuse to call myself a venture capitalist, and it pisses off most venture capitalists,” said Khosla, speaking at the kick-off event for… Read More


Vinod Khosla invests in Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund

At a talk this evening on the University of Washington campus, it didn’t take long for Michael Arrington to break some news about his newly-formed venture capital fund, CrunchFund. Arrington was interviewing notable venture capitalist Vinod Khosla as the kick off for Startup Weekend EDU when the outspoken TechCrunch founder — wearing his green Unpaid… Read More

Greg Gottesman at Startup Weekend

Greg Gottesman, Brad Feld and others join board of Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend, the Seattle-based non profit which coordinates 54-hour startup marathons at locations across the globe, has formed a new board with leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and execs from the Kauffman Foundation. New members include Carl Schramm, CEO of The Kauffman Foundation;  Steve Blank, an entrepreneur and professor at Stanford and Berkeley;  Greg Gottesman, managing director… Read More


Practical Nerd: Irresistible startups, immovable education

I’ve advised a number of startups over the years and have been directly part of at least two. I discovered what many entrepreneurs know: it’s a maddening, exhausting, adrenaline-filled, glorious existence in which there’s never enough time, resources, sleep or toilet paper (when I was at iCopyright we brought our own). So when I heard there… Read More


How do we make the Seattle startup ecosystem stronger?

Leaders from the Seattle technology community gathered in the basement of TechStars on Tuesday night to discuss ways to strengthen the startup ecosystem and make it easier for entrepreneurs to build their companies here. Organized by Startup Weekend’s Jennifer Cabala, the brainstorming session was one of the first steps in an effort backed by the… Read More

Clint Nelsen

Startup Labs to bankroll best and brightest from Startup Weekend

It can be downright inspiring watching ideas percolate at Startup Weekend – the 54-hour coding marathon where developers, artists, attorneys, VCs and startup geeks from around the world try to build new companies at hyperspeed. But, oftentimes, come Sunday night after the final presentations are made and the last cans of soda pop are consumed,… Read More


Get Your BBQ On: Startup Weekend to host July 25th bash

The appearance of that strange glowing orb in the sky means one thing for sun-starved Seattleites: It’s BBQ time. And what better way to celebrate summer’s arrival (finally) than with a old-fashioned bash at GasWorks Park. Break out of your dark, dank office cube early on Monday, July 25th and join the rest of the… Read More


An inside look at Startup Weekend: ‘High energy startup fever’

Not everyone can afford to devote 54 hours of their life to Startup Weekend. But, if you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, here’s an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at the coding and development marathon held earlier this month at Madrona Venture Group’s offices in Seattle. Produced by the very talented Mike Folden, the video captures the spirit of the event with… Read More


Coding geeks ignore the sun, launch 15 projects in 54 hours at Seattle Startup Weekend

It was a glorious weekend in Seattle. The sun glistened off the slopes of Mount Rainier. Sailboats cruised across the waters of Elliott Bay. And, in a downtown Seattle office building, eighty geeks huddled around laptop computers trying to create new Internet businesses. Welcome to Startup Weekend, the 54-hour coding marathon which tosses random developers… Read More