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CEO Arry Yu (Photo via

Startup Spotlight: GiftStarter uses a crowdfunding platform for group gifting

Arry Yu arrived at Seattle’s Startup Weekend in March armed with little more than an idea and a 60-second pitch. Over the course of the weekend she found a team and garnered the necessary votes to win first place. Three months later, with backing from Startup Next Seattle, was born. The three-person startup aims to personalize and simplify… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Workfrom helps people find the best places to work remotely

It’s a familiar scene — professionals and students packed into Starbucks typing away on tiny end tables and chairs fashioned into laptop desks; surrounded by standing hopefuls eyeing their valuable real estate. It’s easier than ever to work remotely and that makes a coffee shop with WiFi a hot commodity. Though there are plenty of work-friendly businesses beyond the ubiquitous… Read More

LiveLabels CEO Tom Lindeman.

Startup Spotlight: Microsoft vet helps marijuana users figure out what they’re smoking with LiveLabels

Now that anyone 21 years old and up can legally walk into a store and purchase marijuana in Washington, you can certainly expect an influx of people wanting to get high. But one problem for those relatively new to marijuana is figuring out how different strains affect the body. Will that OG Kush give you more energy? Does the Lemon… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Shoppost lets retailers sell products in social media newsfeeds

Since people are spending more and more time looking at Facebook and Twitter, why not let them purchase items directly from their social media feeds? That’s the thinking behind Shoppost, a Seattle startup that’s developed an app to allow retailers to sell products directly in social media newsfeeds with interactive posts. A few years ago, CEO David Robb helped start a… Read More

Zombie-Based Learning co-founders David Hunter and Kishari Sing. Photo via ZBL.

Startup Spotlight: Zombie-Based Learning uses zombie comics to help students learn more effectively

As a middle and high school student, David Hunter wasn’t fond of the “stand and deliver” method of teaching. After dropping out, coming back to college to earn a Masters in Teaching, and later becoming an instructor himself, Hunter began understanding what key ingredient was missing from a student’s education. Zombies. Well, kind of. Hunter is the… Read More

Filelize founder Tim Nguyen.

Startup Spotlight: Filelize automatically stores, syncs your cloud files in one place

Being able to access and work on files in the cloud is often convenient, but it can be somewhat troublesome to constantly sync and track down documents that you have across different cloud services. That’s where Filelize wants to help. Founded in 2012, the 3-person Seattle-based startup organizes your recent files, email attachments, and web history into a single dashboard and… Read More


Startup Spotlight: APImetrics helps developers keep tabs on API performance

As the mobile platform continues to grow, tech companies are relying on application programming interfaces — APIs — more than ever. While these APIs certainly can add functionality to an app or program, they can also cause problems for developers — and that’s exactly where a new Seattle startup wants to help out. APImetrics co-founders Nick Denny and David O’Neill —… Read More


Startup Spotlight: CollegeMapper helps high school students get into college

Growing up with a family that had no college graduates and inside a house that was without plumbing for 12 years, it was somewhat of a miracle that Susanna Cerasuolo made it to Ohio State University in the first place. And once the Seattle entrepreneur graduated and later earned another degree from Harvard, Cerasuolo realized how education changed her life — and how… Read More

GreenBridge Computing CEO David Yunger.

Startup Spotlight: This former Microsoftie wants to replace your PC with a $100 cloud device

When David Yunger left Microsoft to start GreenBridge Computing, he knew that his cheap-yet-powerful computer work stations would help schools around the world gain access to the latest technology. But fast forward to today, and now it’s Fortune 500 companies that are showing serious interest in what Yunger’s company has built. Bellevue-based GreenBridge Computing, founded in… Read More

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Startup Spotlight: uses machine learning, data visualization to help large groups spur conversation

For the three entrepreneurs building, the problem was simple: Big groups of people trying to communicate effectively about a certain topic online was largely inefficient. That’s why they started, a new Seattle company that has developed a way to combine polling data from hundreds of people with machine learning and interactive data visualization. The end result… Read More


Startup Spotlight: My Foot In The Door helps applicants market soft skills, land jobs

While serving as the marketing manager at, Michael Scholl quickly learned that a resume can only show so much about a potential new worker after he experienced countless employee mismatches. The issue was particularly rampant with college grads, who often had trouble demonstrating their soft skills. “I realized that strong soft skills in the… Read More

Translational Software founder Don Rule.

Startup Spotlight: Translational Software helps physicians make sense of genetic tests

Working on groundbreaking genetic testing research in a lab is one thing, but actually using that data for actionable results in a clinical environment is another. That’s why Translational Software was founded back in 2009 by 14-year Microsoft veteran Don Rule, who started the Mercer Island-based company to provide the software that labs need to interpret… Read More


Startup Spotlight: CarcodeSMS helps car dealerships use texts to communicate with buyers

There’s plenty of room for innovation in the car-buying space, and one Seattle startup thinks it has a great solution. Founded in 2011, CarcodeSMS gives car salespeople a phone number that helps them text and communicate with buyers more efficiently. The startup also offers an app that dealership staff can use to manage communication with… Read More


Startup Spotlight: helps publishers automate digital ad campaign fulfillment

When Edwin Fu worked at Salesforce, he learned what he calls a “dirty little secret” while interacting with companies like Microsoft Advertising, Facebook and Zynga. Fu found out that nearly all digital publishers that sell ads had a hard time managing the sale and fulfillment of direct ad campaigns. “It took 72 hours and between… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Pick2Pay helps shoppers maximize credit card rewards, online offers

There are thousands of credit card rewards and other offers out there for consumers, but it can be time-consuming to scour the Internet in search of every single one. Pick2Pay wants to help with that. The 3-person Bellevue startup describes its tool as a “juicy sandwich for savings,” layering credit card rewards, discounted gift cards,… Read More


Startup Spotlight: MyUnfold wants to help millennials land jobs with LinkedIn-esque platform

For some job seekers, LinkedIn just doesn’t cut it as a method to show off their past accomplishments. That’s why MyUnfold thinks it has something better for 20-somethings to land a job. The 12-man Seattle startup launched its beta today to help young professionals establish themselves more effectively to potential employers. The platform allows users… Read More