Dave Cotter speaking at GeekWire Startup Day in Seattle.

GeekWire Radio: The raw truth about startups, and life

What’s it really like to be a startup CEO? This week on the GeekWire radio show, two tech entrepreneurs talk about their struggles, what they learned and how their experiences changed their approach to business and life. We’re featuring highlights from talks by Dave Cotter and Marc Barros at the recent GeekWire Startup Day in… Read More


A family connector? SquareHub unveils new content sharing feature for small groups

SquareHub co-founder Dave Cotter thinks families need a new type of social network — one that’s “elastic” enough to adapt to the various devices or technologies that multiple generations are using. That’s why Cotter, a former general manager at Amazon.com who launched SquareHub earlier this year with backing from some of the region’s top angel… Read More


Startup lesson #3: Don’t make up a brand, be yourself

[Editor's note: Seattle entrepreneurs Barry Chu and Dave Cotter share some of their startup lessons in starting the new mobile app SquareHub. The three-part series is running this week on GeekWire, starting Tuesday with their thoughts about minimum viable products. In part two, they talked about figuring out key product features. Part three, running here today, covers startup... Read More