Do you live in a 4G city?

When it comes to wireless networks, everyone loves speed. And with more data-intensive activities taking place on mobile devices, the race to 4G is serious and intense. But how is is your city actually doing when it comes to these high-speed wireless networks? A new report from Bellevue’s RootMetrics takes an inside look at that question,… Read More


Dispute: Would AT&T’s T-Mobile acquisition create or kill jobs?

In a letter to President Obama today, U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler and 14 of his Democratic colleagues urged the administration to step in and end the Justice Department’s attempt to block AT&Ts proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. “AT&T has announced plans to repatriate 5,000 jobs that are currently being performed… Read More


Sprint piles on with its own suit opposing AT&T’s T-Mobile deal

Sprint, which has opposed rival AT&T’s proposed $39 billion purchase of Bellevue-based T-Mobile USA since the beginning, this morning announced that it’s filing its own lawsuit against the deal, following up on the U.S. Justice Department’s bid to block the acquisition in court last week. “With today’s legal action, we are continuing that advocacy on… Read More


AT&T vows to return 5,000 call-center jobs to U.S. in T-Mobile deal

AT&T, seeking U.S. regulatory approval for its $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA, tonight said it would bring 5,000 “good-paying” call center jobs back to the country after completing the deal, reversing past offshoring. The company also promised that the acquisition won’t result in any job cuts for any existing AT&T or T-Mobile USA call-center… Read More


Report: Sprint may buy Clearwire outright to solve funding crisis

Sprint, already the majority owner of Kirkland-based wireless broadband company Clearwire, is in talks with other investors that could result in Sprint owning Clearwire outright, according to a Bloomberg News report this morning, citing three anonymous sources familiar with the discussions. Bloomberg cautions that the talks are still preliminary. It’s the latest in a string… Read More


A lifeline for Clearwire? WSJ report says Sprint considering ‘substantial’ investment

The on-again, off-again relationship between Clearwire and Sprint Nextel may be entering a new phase. The Wall Street Journal reported last week, citing unnamed sources, that Sprint is considering an additional investment in Clearwire beyond the $1 billion in payments that it agreed to fork over earlier this year. Sprint already owns 54 percent of… Read More


Clearwire shareholder to CEO John Stanton: Time to sell some spectrum in order fill ‘cash hole’

Clearwire faces a nagging “cash hole in its business plan and Sprint is the only game in town to fill it.” That’s the opinion of New York money manager Pardus Capital whose president, Karim Samii, just wrote a 2,257-word letter to Clearwire interim CEO John Stanton explaining his dissatisfaction with the direction of the Kirkland… Read More


Clearwire’s Q1, by the numbers: Record revenue, larger loss

It has been an eventful few months for Clearwire, the Kirkland-based mobile broadband company — from the ouster of its CEO to the resolution of a pricing dispute with Sprint, its majority owner. In the same way, the company’s first-quarter earnings today were a mixed bag, with higher revenues and record subscribers but a wider… Read More


SignalSet lands $6M, looks to quickly switch mobile devices between GSM and CDMA networks

No matter what carrier you choose, wireless coverage oftentimes is spotty. But imagine if you could overlay the coverage of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile into one uber-network of sorts? That’s the promise of SignalSet, a 5-person Seattle upstart that’s developed technologies to intelligently route select devices on to wireless networks with the strongest signals…. Read More


After a long squabble, Sprint agrees to invest $1B in Clearwire

Negotiations between Clearwire and Sprint Nextel have been going on for months, sometimes heated and often playing out in the press. But the two companies have finally resolved their differences, with Sprint agreeing to pay $1 billion through 2012 to utilize the Clearwire high-speed network. “We are pleased to reach this wholesale pricing agreement with… Read More


It’s official: Sprint says AT&T’s T-Mobile deal stinks

We knew that Sprint wasn’t happy about AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA, based on comments by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse about the deal. But the company today made it official, announcing that it will formally oppose the $39 billion combination. An excerpt from the company’s statement. The transaction, which requires the approval of the… Read More