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Startup Spotlight: Zooppa hosts online advertising contests for big brands

Crowdsourcing is a growing trend in the startup world with established companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo dominating the crowdsourced funding scene.  And now Zooppa, a startup based near Pioneer Square,  is bringing that model to the advertising world. The startup signs on companies and offers its members opportunities to create and submit advertisements on their behalf…. Read More


Startup Spotlight: FUNnerator helps parents find the best summer camps for their kids

As a former venture capitalist with Trilogy Partners, Katie Thompson has seen her fair share of business plans over the years. But none resonated as much FUNnerator. That’s because it’s her business plan. The 42-year-old venture capitalist and former Microsoftie partnered earlier this year with former Onvia executive Kristen Hamilton to create a new marketplace that helps… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Saltbox looks to help sales forces stay on top

Saltbox co-founder and CEO John Delano admits that his company isn’t building the “most sexy mobile-social-big data app.” But even so, they are attacking a big problem that needs solved, helping sales professionals participate in online training and education on their own terms and their own devices. We chatted with Delano to find out more about… Read More

Schedulista founders Feliz Livini and Lowell Manners

Startup Spotlight: Ex-Google engineers guide Schedulista to profits after just 6 months

Seattle entrepreneurs Felix Livni and Lowell Manners are lean startup acolytes. And that philosophy is already paying dividends for the founders of Schedulista, a six-month old Seattle startup that helps hair salons, accountants and other small businesses accept appointments online. The company turned it first profit last month, and Livni and Manners, who got to know each… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Knotis looks to turn merchants into happy daily deal users

You’ve heard the horror stories of small businesses getting overwhelmed by daily deals from the likes of Groupon and Living Social. Knotis founder McLean Reiter, a 28-year-old Seattle entrepreneur, wants to help those merchants navigate the tricky landscape with a new service called Knotis. Offering merchants a flat-rate of $14 per month, Knotis offers tools that helps… Read More


Startup Spotlight: American Idol meets Facebook in FameMe

Brett Marl is back in the startup game. The former chief technology officer at Pure Networks, which sold to Cisco back in 2008, is having a ball trying to help discover the world’s next Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Hicks. In fact, FameMe, as Marl describes it, FameMe is essentially American Idol for the Facebook generation…. Read More


Startup Spotlight: This upstart thinks it can help you make money in the stock market

Can geeky algorithms beat the pros on Wall Street? Scott Juds, the founder of SumGrowth Strategies, which is developing a new automated stock picker called SectorSurfer, thinks so. Juds previously worked as a software engineer developing infrared photoelectric sensors — using those skills to optically encode tokens in casinos. Now, he’s combining his technology skills with… Read More


Startup Spotlight: This 25-year-old Web entrepreneur built a profitable business on a shoestring

Josh Neblett was a finance major at Gonzaga University when he heard venture capitalist and adjunct professor Tom Simpson describe the idea for GreenCupboards, an online retail site for eco-friendly products. Neblett didn’t waste much time jumping on the opportunity. He approached Simpson after class, and asked if he could write a business plan for… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Buck turns mobile phones into digital wallets

For years, industry watchers have been talking about digital wallets — the idea of turning devices into mobile payment systems. But has the time finally come to replace the old leather billfold? Andy Kleitsch hopes so. The 40-year-old founder of Buck  – a Seattle company formerly known as Billing Revolution — has been working in the… Read More