Startup Spotlight: Nuubuu creates a marketplace for your content creations

Nuubuu founder Ameya Bhatawdekar wants to make it simple for everyone to upload and sell their digital creations, from electronic books to designs to music to photos. There’s no shortage of places to do that now, including offerings from upstarts like Sellfy and Pulley. Founded just four months ago, Nuubuu charges five percent, plus a 25 cent transaction fee… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Well Crafted’s platform helps designers display portfolios

The world of design has recently been brought to the forefront of the startup world. With 500 Startups launching their “Designer Fund,” solely focused on helping companies founded by designers, there’s even money out there specifically for it. Former Seattlite Kirill Zubovsky also recently graduated from Y-Combinator’s summer class with his startup Scoutzie, a site that… Read More

Jeff Coon

Startup Spotlight: MakeGood looks to help firms make sense of online ad campaigns

The world of online advertising can be convoluted and complex, making it challenging for advertisers, agencies and publishers to track campaigns. MakeGood Software, a three-year-old startup located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, is looking to help companies make better sense of the data and eliminate bulky spreadsheets in the process. The 4-person online data management startup launched… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Duxter is a LinkedIn for your gamer life

Hard-core gamers are a different breed. So, it makes some sense that they need their own social network. Duxter, which recently relocated from Los Angeles to Seattle, is hoping to be  that place where gamers of all stripes hang out. Even better, users of Duxter earn rewards — known as Duckets — that they can spend… Read More


Startup Spotlight: RockStar Motel aims to put the power in the hands of music fans

Music is one of the scariest industries for startups. With giant record labels dominating, it’s hard to move quickly without running into roadblocks. RockStar Motel is working to take the power out of the record labels’ hands, putting it into fans’ hands. The Seattle startup allows fans to “sign” different artists, stream songs and buy tracks… Read More

CEO Adina Mangubat

Startup Spotlight: Spiral Genetics offers software to help scientists analyze DNA

DNA analysis allows scientists to dig deep into one’s genetic makeup, discovering if an individual is predisposed to a certain disorder or disease.  While advances around DNA analysis have allowed scientists to more quickly analyze one’s DNA, a Seattle startup by the name of Spiral Genetics believes it can do it even faster and cheaper Scientists come… Read More

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Startup Spotlight: Qoiza helps you share your favorite products with friends, and earn rewards along the way

The recent explosion of sites dedicated to sharing products that you love (Pinterest, Fancy, Wanelo) has brought another trend to the startup world, analytics and rewards platforms.  Companies want to know who is sharing their goods and, and they want to reward them.  Services such as Klout play in this space with their “perks” feature,… Read More

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Startup Spotlight: Zooppa hosts online advertising contests for big brands

Crowdsourcing is a growing trend in the startup world with established companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo dominating the crowdsourced funding scene.  And now Zooppa, a startup based near Pioneer Square,  is bringing that model to the advertising world. The startup signs on companies and offers its members opportunities to create and submit advertisements on their behalf…. Read More


Startup Spotlight: FUNnerator helps parents find the best summer camps for their kids

As a former venture capitalist with Trilogy Partners, Katie Thompson has seen her fair share of business plans over the years. But none resonated as much FUNnerator. That’s because it’s her business plan. The 42-year-old venture capitalist and former Microsoftie partnered earlier this year with former Onvia executive Kristen Hamilton to create a new marketplace that helps… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Saltbox looks to help sales forces stay on top

Saltbox co-founder and CEO John Delano admits that his company isn’t building the “most sexy mobile-social-big data app.” But even so, they are attacking a big problem that needs solved, helping sales professionals participate in online training and education on their own terms and their own devices. We chatted with Delano to find out more about… Read More