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Startup Spotlight: My Foot In The Door helps applicants market soft skills, land jobs

While serving as the marketing manager at, Michael Scholl quickly learned that a resume can only show so much about a potential new worker after he experienced countless employee mismatches. The issue was particularly rampant with college grads, who often had trouble demonstrating their soft skills. “I realized that strong soft skills in the… Read More

Translational Software founder Don Rule.

Startup Spotlight: Translational Software helps physicians make sense of genetic tests

Working on groundbreaking genetic testing research in a lab is one thing, but actually using that data for actionable results in a clinical environment is another. That’s why Translational Software was founded back in 2009 by 14-year Microsoft veteran Don Rule, who started the Mercer Island-based company to provide the software that labs need to interpret… Read More


Startup Spotlight: CarcodeSMS helps car dealerships use texts to communicate with buyers

There’s plenty of room for innovation in the car-buying space, and one Seattle startup thinks it has a great solution. Founded in 2011, CarcodeSMS gives car salespeople a phone number that helps them text and communicate with buyers more efficiently. The startup also offers an app that dealership staff can use to manage communication with… Read More


Startup Spotlight: helps publishers automate digital ad campaign fulfillment

When Edwin Fu worked at Salesforce, he learned what he calls a “dirty little secret” while interacting with companies like Microsoft Advertising, Facebook and Zynga. Fu found out that nearly all digital publishers that sell ads had a hard time managing the sale and fulfillment of direct ad campaigns. “It took 72 hours and between… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Pick2Pay helps shoppers maximize credit card rewards, online offers

There are thousands of credit card rewards and other offers out there for consumers, but it can be time-consuming to scour the Internet in search of every single one. Pick2Pay wants to help with that. The 3-person Bellevue startup describes its tool as a “juicy sandwich for savings,” layering credit card rewards, discounted gift cards,… Read More


Startup Spotlight: MyUnfold wants to help millennials land jobs with LinkedIn-esque platform

For some job seekers, LinkedIn just doesn’t cut it as a method to show off their past accomplishments. That’s why MyUnfold thinks it has something better for 20-somethings to land a job. The 12-man Seattle startup launched its beta today to help young professionals establish themselves more effectively to potential employers. The platform allows users… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Trackolade helps remote teams collaborate effectively

There are lots of project management tools out there, but a new company from Seattle thinks it’s created something a little different that will help employees collaborate more effectively and efficiently. Bootstrapped with less than $2,500 in capital, Trackolade launches later this week to provide a project management app that allows teams to plan, organize… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Grayl’s reusable water cup filters your H2O like a french coffee press

What happens when you apply the filtering method used by a French press, but replace coffee with water? The answer is Grayl, an innovative water filtration cup designed by two Seattle-area entrepreneurs who believe they’ve created the world’s best portable water filter. Grayl co-founders Nancie Weston and Travis Merrigan started their five-person company last year and… Read More


Startup Spotlight: PitchBook provides robust private equity market data for VC professionals

For nine years, John Gabbert led the team at a venture capital data provider called VentureSource. But while there, he saw the need for something that combined private equity data with a robust technology platform. So Gabbert made the startup leap and founded PitchBook. Six years later, the Seattle-based company employs 175 and is one of… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Forks offers instant ways to save money on food in a crowded coupon space

Juggernauts like Groupon and Living Social certainly have a strong presence in the digital coupon space. But one Seattle-based company has carved its own niche with a location-based app that offers instant redeemable coupons at quick service and sit-down restaurants. Founded in 2010, Seattle-based Forks launched its app earlier this year and already features 18,000… Read More

The Pansieve team: Galex Yen, Sethu Raman, Tomer Verona and Ping Wang.

Startup Spotlight: Microsoft vets start Pansieve to develop mobile forms for businesses

When it comes to gathering operational data, many businesses haven’t changed much from the past. Filling out business forms — from time cards to field reports — has been a mostly pen and paper task, and continues to be today. But the founders behind Pansieve Inc. think there’s room for improvement and innovation. Four Microsoft… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Inside Social helps brands measure social media ROI

Attracting Facebook likes and Twitter followers is important for businesses active on social media, but it can be difficult to pinpoint how exactly those metrics are affecting overall revenue for the company. That’s where Inside Social wants to help. The four-man startup, currently in Techstars Seattle, helps brands attribute value to specific social media actions…. Read More