Speedy surfing: CondoInternet expands gigabit Internet service to Ballard

While plans for Gigabit Squared to provide lightning-fast Internet throughout Seattle are stalling, CondoInternet doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The local ISP, a subsidiary of Spectrum Networks that was acquired by Wave Broadband in September, today announced that it is expanding its gigabit service to Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. “Ballard is one of… Read More


Wave acquires Spectrum Networks, CondoInternet to bolster broadband reach

WaveDivision Holdings, the company behind Wave Broadband, today announced the acquisition of Seattle-based Spectrum Networks and its subsidiary, CondoInternet. Wave, headquartered in Kirkland, provides video, internet and phone services to about 410,000 residential and business customers on the West Coast, and raised more than $1 billion in November to support its continued growth. Founded in 2007, Spectrum Networks is… Read More


Team of nerds brings 100 Mbps ‘super broadband’ to Seattle

Spectrum Networks co-founder John van Oppen likes to describe his team as a group of nerds who thrive on speed. Internet speed, that is. van Oppen’s profitable 4-year-old company, which just landed $1 million in financing from Trilogy Equity Partners, brings some of the fastest Internet connections to businesses and condominiums in the region. How… Read More