A peek inside Boeing’s new spaceship: Tablets, LED lights and minimal controls

From the outside, Boeing’s new spacecraft mimics the Apollo-era capsules from back in the day. The interior, however, is all about the future. Boeing today showed off the inside of its CST-100, a commercial spacecraft the company is building in hopes of flying NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. On Monday at Boeing’s Product Support Center… Read More


Washington teen wins NASA “Why Space Matters to the Future” video contest

There’s just something about Washington teenagers and their ability to talk about space exploration creatively. The Coalition for Space Exploration and NASA just announced the winners of their “Why Space Matters to the Future” national video contest and two Washington teens won first and second place. The contest asked three questions: How has space affected,… Read More


Elon Musk wants to help Boeing with its problems

Boeing has been having some major problems lately and Elon Musk is offering a helping hand. Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, Tweeted that “Maybe already under control, but Tesla & SpaceX are happy to help with the 787 lithium ion batteries.” Whether he’s serious or not is up to you to decide. The… Read More


SpaceX and Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch part ways over rocket design changes

Stratolaunch Systems, the commercial space venture backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has cut ties with one of its high-profile partners, SpaceX, one of the pioneers in the industry. Gary Wentz, the Stratolaunch CEO, confirmed the news Tuesday in a message to the Flight International news site. “Stratolaunch and SpaceX have amicably agreed to end our… Read More


Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch aircraft passes initial review

Paul Allen is one step closer to his childhood dreams of space. The FlightGlobal blog reports that Stratolaunch Systems has finished preliminary design review of its space-launch system. “The carrier aircraft conducted their preliminary design review on [August 27-28] in Mojave, California,” says the company, which notes that it’s now reviewing the data package and… Read More