Chris Lewicki

Planetary Resources plans to boost space exploration with interstellar ‘gas stations’

People heading off on an interstellar journey may soon have one of the prerequesites for a road trip: gas stations. Planetary Resources Chairman Chris Lewicki told the Future in Revew conference this week that his company wants to take asteroids and turn them into interstellar pit stops, where spaceships could stop and refuel. The Bellevue-based asteroid… Read More


Trulia’s new Market Leader unit is moving to Bellevue, doubling office space with 70,000 SF lease

In one of the biggest commercial real estate deals this year in Bellevue, Kirkland-based Market Leader plans to move into 70,000 square-feet of space in the Atrium Place building in December. That’s about double the amount of office space that the company previously held, prior to its acquisition by San Francisco-based real estate company Trulia. “We’re… Read More

Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is in great shape, may be in ‘astronaut training,’ says author founder Jeff Bezos is looking so fit these days that he may be prepping to go to space. That was one of the observations from veteran journalist Brad Stone, author of the “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.” Stone spoke Tuesday night at Seattle’s Town Hall, covering everything from’s hard-charging… Read More

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Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture now employs 300 people, gearing up for commercial operations

Blue Origin, the Seattle-based space venture backed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has been quietly working for the past 13 years on development and testing of its New Shepard rocket. On Friday, Bezos said that the company is now up to 300 employees and is inching closer to commercial operation. The 49-year-old Amazon founder was speaking… Read More

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High above Seattle, a tech meetup at zero gravity

Is a zero-gravity meetup the newest trend in networking? While the rest of Seattle was watching the Patriots Jet Team perform at Seafair last Saturday, GeekWire was donning its flight suit with tech notables in preparation for getting weightless. The Zero Gravity Corporation’s second-ever flight from Seattle lured some of the region’s most interesting people to… Read More


Our weightless wait is over: Zero-g flight arriving soon

We’ve got asteroid miners, space elevator builders, and rocket makers galore, not to mention world-class space investors like Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen. Space is now a $150m+ business in Washington state, home to dozens of companies employing hundreds of people. Little surprise, then, that Seattle makes it to a short list of US cities to… Read More


Asteroid miners raise $1.5M for public space telescope, name Richard Branson as investor

Planetary Resources’ Kickstarter campaign started one month ago with some help from Brent Spiner, ended this past weekend with $100,000 from Sir Richard Branson and raised a nice chunk of change from more than 17,000 backers during the process itself. The Bellevue asteroid-mining company just finished one of the top-25 most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history, raising $1,505,366… Read More


Asteroid-mining company raises $1M for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

It’s official: The world’s first crowdfunded, public use space telescope will be sent into space within two years. Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company, met its Kickstarter campaign goal of $1 million on Thursday, as more than 12,000 backers pitched in to launch a customized version of the company’s Arkyd-100 robot spaceship with an external camera into near-Earth… Read More


With $2M in Kickstarter funds, asteroid-mining company’s public telescope could find alien planets

It ain’t Kepler, but an upgrade to Planetary Resources’ crowdfunded public telescope could hunt for alien planets. The Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company announced new Kickstarter stretch goals in its campaign to produce the world’s first crowdfunded, public use space telescope. After two weeks, funding sits about $140,000 shy of the original $1 million goal. With 19 days… Read More


Q&A: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ on autism, space travel, and the link between humanity and technology

He didn’t realize it at the time, but when Brent Spiner portrayed an android named “Data,” during 177 episodes of Star Trek, he was an inspiration for those suffering from autism and Asperger syndrome. Often struggling to understand human emotion, “Data” was one of the few characters on TV that people with autism or Asperger… Read More


Kickstarter campaign for public space telescope reaches $100K in 2 hours

Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company, today launched a $1 million Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first crowdfunded, public use space telescope. Naturally, you may wonder why a startup that’s backed by some of the biggest names in technology is asking the public for money. But at today’s press conference at the Museum of Flight announcing the campaign,… Read More


Asteroid-mining company launches $1M Kickstarter campaign for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

When Planetary Resources first announced its plans to mine near-earth asteroids last year, the response was impressive. More than 3,500 people applied for jobs, another 2,500 inquired about investing and nearly 50,000 reached out wanting to get involved in some way or another. While the Bellevue-based company could only allow a select few onto the team, it knew there… Read More


Bill Nye and Star Trek’s ‘Data’ helping asteroid miners with ‘unprecedented’ new project

Planetary Resources is on a mission to mine near-earth asteroids and now they want you to join in on the fun, too. The Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company backed by some of the biggest names in technology and aerospace will hold a press conference this Wednesday to announce a new, “unprecedented project” intended to give the public access to its advanced space… Read More


Washington teen wins NASA “Why Space Matters to the Future” video contest

There’s just something about Washington teenagers and their ability to talk about space exploration creatively. The Coalition for Space Exploration and NASA just announced the winners of their “Why Space Matters to the Future” national video contest and two Washington teens won first and second place. The contest asked three questions: How has space affected,… Read More


Planetary Resources pulls in cash from nation’s largest engineering firm to help mine asteroids

Planetary Resources, the asteroid-mining company backed by some of the biggest names in technology and aerospace, just announced a big investment and new partnership with one of the world’s leading engineering companies. Bechtel Corporation, the largest construction and engineering company in the U.S. with 53,000 employees across 50 countries, has joined Planetary’s core group of… Read More


Planetary Resources founder: ‘Humans will migrate off Earth in the next 30 years’

Can you imagine packing your belongings and hopping on a spaceship to go live on another planet for the rest of your life? Eric Anderson, co-founder of Bellevue-based asteroid mining company Planetary Resources, certainly can. Anderson gave a great talk at this week’s Hacker News Meetup, a monthly get-together of geeks who like reading Hacker News. The… Read More


Year in review: Vote for the top Seattle tech story of 2012

It’s been quite the year in Seattle technology. kept growing. Microsoft kept transforming. And several startups raised huge rounds of cash as they looked to become the next Microsoft or Amazon. In case your head was filled with too many Tweets and Facebook posts to keep up, here’s a handy look back at the biggest… Read More


Veteran NASA astronaut Nicholas Patrick joins Blue Origin as human integration architect

Nicholas Patrick, the fifth British astronaut to go to space and a NASA veteran, has joined the Blue Origin team to provide his expertise as a human integration architect. Blue Origin, the often-secretive commercial space venture started by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is based south of Seattle and is one of the companies using funding from… Read More