PlayStation 4 sales hit 7M

Sony announced a new milestone for the PlayStation 4 today, as the company has sold through more than 7 million consoles globally as of April 6. On March 4, Sony noted that it passed 6 million consoles sold worldwide. The company, which launched the PS4 on Nov. 15, also announced today that more than 20.5 million copies of… Read More


PlayStation in 3D: Sony announces virtual reality headset for immersive gaming

SAN FRANCISCO–At today’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertaiment, took to the stage to announce that the Japanese electronics giant is jumping into the virtual reality space. Yoshida unveiled Project Morpheus, a prototype version of the company’s attempt to bring PS4 users an immersive,… Read More


Xbox One arriving in 26 additional countries in September

The Xbox One will be available in 26 additional countries later this year, Microsoft announced today. After debuting the console in 13 markets on Nov. 22, Microsoft will sell the Xbox One in several more countries by September, including Japan. The Redmond software giant originally announced that it would sell the Xbox One in 21… Read More

Sony to close 20 retail stores, including the one in University Village. (Credit: Yelp)

Sony closing Seattle store, ceding key retail battleground to Apple, Microsoft

Sony will be pulling its store from a very busy Seattle mall, leaving the fertile shopping ground to its biggest tech rivals Microsoft and Apple. Sony opened the store in University Village eight years ago, marketing it as a lifestyle experience, where consumers could come and interact with the company’s brands. Microsoft and Apple have neighboring… Read More


The footnote that roared: MicroVision surges on news of Sony’s pocket-sized projector

Sony’s announcement on Thursday that it is developing a laser-based, high-definition, pocket-sized projector didn’t mention MicroVision until the third footnote — but that was one heck of a footnote. Shares of MicroVision nearly doubled yesterday, to $2.67, as a result of this afterthought from Sony: “(3) Incorporates the PicoP technology developed by MicroVision, Inc.” MicroVison’s… Read More


PS4 global sales hit 2.1 million, Sony says

It’s been a little more than two weeks since the Playstation 4 hit shelves, and now Sony is reporting that 2.1 million consoles have been sold worldwide. “It’s an impressive and record-setting accomplishment for our company and for our industry, and we couldn’t have done it without you,” Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO… Read More


Noise of Death: Microsoft replacing bricked consoles to frustrated gamers within ‘a matter of days’

Most of the one million-plus Xbox One owners are spending the weekend in video game heaven, playing with Microsoft’s newest console that hit shelves Friday. Some gamers, however, aren’t having quite as much fun. Several people have posted videos and are issuing reviews about a problem with the disc drive. When inserting a disc, the broken consoles make a bad… Read More