Beyond online advertising into knowledge monetization

Each year, investors sink $2 million in U.S. Internet companies per every million dollars of total online advertising addressable opportunity: How can we make the Web profitable beyond online advertising? The venture capital industry invested more than $125 billion in Internet-related companies between 1995 and 2012, and since just five companies (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and… Read More


Twitter outage: Don’t know what you got until it’s gone

Twitter appears to be gradually coming back online after an outage this morning that lasted at least a half-hour for many users. Maybe this is their way of reminding us how central the service has become to the way many of us communicate online. “That. Was. Agony. ‪#TwitterColdTurkey‬,” tweeted TV personality Piers Morgan, reflecting the sentiment… Read More


Facebook buys facial recognition startup

In a deal that was widely anticipated, Facebook announced today that it has acquired facial recognition upstart TechCrunch reports that the price tag was in the $100 million ballpark. “Our mission is and has always been to find new and exciting ways to make face recognition a fun, engaging part of people’s lives, and… Read More


PopCap Games cancels Bejeweled Blitz on Google+

PopCap Games is pulling its popular Bejeweled Blitz puzzle game from Google+, saying that it wants to focus efforts on other areas. The company issued this statement on the decision: “PopCap has decided to suspend Bejeweled Blitz on Google+ to redeploy our resources to other adaptations of Bejeweled. Certainly, Google is a valuable gaming partner… Read More


Evri spins out SportStream with $3.5M from Paul Allen

Seattle startup Evri was founded in 2007, designed to help people make better sense of news and information. A lot has changed since then, especially given the rise of tablets and mobile computers. Now, the company is evolving, announcing today that it has spun off a new social sports startup called SportStream with $3.5 million from… Read More


LinkedIn: No accounts hacked as result of stolen passwords

LinkedIn today updated its users on the stolen password fiasco that arose last week in which 6.4 million passwords were illegally obtained and posted on a Russian Web site. According to a blog post from LinkedIn’s Vicente Silveira the company has received no reports that member accounts have been breached as a result of the… Read More


Social network for gun lovers moving to South Dakota, can’t hit funding target on West Coast

Internet entrepreneur Dan Hall’s 2-year-old social networking company attracts more than two million unique visitors per month; counts some big-name clients as advertisers; and has already generated its first profits. But despite that success, Hall just couldn’t line up the investment capital that he needed when pitching the idea up-and-down the West Coast, including in… Read More


Chart: Who is using Twitter?

Do you use Twitter on a daily basis? If so, you are one of eight percent of Americans who do so. That’s the latest statistic from a report out by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. As you’ll see in the chart above, daily Twitter use is on the rise, from two percent… Read More


Voicepic: Add 5-second audio captions to your favorite photos

A picture may often be worth a thousand words.  But for those instances when images alone can’t tell the story, there’s Voicepic. That’s the name of a new photo sharing app from Bellevue’s UIEvolution which allows users to easily add 5-second audio captions to personal photos. UIEvolution CEO Chris Ruff said the goal with the… Read More


Another bad day: Facebook shares tumble nearly 10%

Investors are continuing to hammer Facebook just 11 days after its initial public offering, sending the stock of the social networking powerhouse down 9.6 percent in trading Tuesday. The stock closed at $28.84, the first time it has finished below the $30 mark. Facebook went public at $38 per share earlier this month, with many… Read More

Deep Dhillon

Evri CTO Deep Dhillon jumps to Alliance Health Networks

Alliance Health Networks isn’t wasting anytime bolstering its Pacific Northwest operations following the purchase Medify, a Seattle upstart that it gobbled up two weeks ago. The Salt Lake City company, which operates niche-oriented social networks for more than three dozen diseases, plans to announce the hiring of Deep Dhillon as chief data scientist. Dhillon most recently… Read More

Megan Parken of MeganHeartsMakeup

Lockerz buys online fashion site Chick Approved

Lockerz continues to bolster its ranks through acquisitions, with the fast-growing Seattle social shopping company announcing that it has acquired online fashion community Chick Approved. Chick Approved — founded by Jeff Turnbull, Brett Miller and David Dripps – allows its users to get feedback on fashion choices. As part of the deal, Lockerz will continue to… Read More


Live from Facebook’s new Seattle engineering office

UPDATE: The live broadcast is now over, but you can watch the archived version above. I’m over at the new offices of Facebook’s Seattle engineering operations for an open house this afternoon, marking the company’s move to a larger space in the city, to accommodate more employees. The operations have grown from 17 to 90… Read More


The battle to train a market: Instagram is what Facebook has been telling you guys to do for like a year, okay?

By now, it’s probably been brought to your attention that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars on Monday, valuing the two-year-old photo-sharing service at approximately $100 million per employee. Predictably, everyone is asking why. More than one reputable journalist has covered this story by referencing Facebook’s continued inability to create a compelling, intuitive mobile… Read More


How I used Pinterest to plan my wedding

Planning a wedding can be a dream come true. I was lucky enough to find the right person and was super excited to get engaged last July and begin planning our destination wedding. Being a busy real estate agent in Seattle and knowing no one in Maui, I was quickly overwhelmed by the process and… Read More


Why Facebook may surrender users to niche social networks

What do you recall seeing in your Facebook feed recently? The following are recurring items in mine: an e-card character inventory of a melancholic young woman who has sobered up barely enough to realize her iPad is actually an Etch-a-Sketch; side-by-side comparisons of an ad for a Whopper and an actual Whopper; a funny-cuz-it’s-true reminder… Read More