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Driving while tweeting: Airbiquity updates Choreo in-car system with hands-free Twitter integration

Airbiquity has updated its Choreo in-car services platform to enable hands-free integration with Twitter, so that drivers can keep track of what’s going on in their timeline from the road without getting distracted. The Seattle-based company, whose platform is used by automakers including Nissan, announced this week that drivers in cars using Choreo will be able to keep up… Read More


The problem with the police’s plea to ‘Tweet Smart’

Considering this week’s events in Ferguson, Missouri, isn’t it smartest for the public to tweet more real-time police activity in some emergencies, not less? A coalition of local law enforcement agencies, including the Seattle Police Department, recently put out a public plea that seemed tough to argue with. “Seattle-area law enforcement agencies are asking you to ‘Tweet Smart’… Read More


Get ready for video ads in Twitter

As a part of its ongoing quest to monetize its social networking service, Twitter announced Tuesday that it’s rolling out Promoted Video advertising for companies that want to get a clip in front of more users. Companies will now be able to pay Twitter for the ability to promote tweets that feature video content like previews… Read More


Facebook beats Q1 expectations with $2.5B in revenue; CFO resigning

Facebook beat Wall Street’s expectations today with a Q1 revenue of $2.5 billion and an $0.34 EPS. The company also announced that CFO David Ebersman will be stepping down in June. Analysts predicted revenue somewhere between $2.36 and $2.4 billion — with EPS at about $0.24 — and Facebook certainly exceeded that, with Q1 revenue increasing 72 percent… Read More


New UW football coach lifts Twitter ban for players, brings in social media advisor

During his previous coaching stint with Boise State University, Chris Petersen made sure to keep his players off Twitter. But now, it appears that the new University of Washington head coach is loosening his social media grip. Petersen, who became one of the first college coaches to ban his players from using Twitter while at Boise State, won’t implement a similar rule on… Read More

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Klout’s acquisition gives Microsoft a tiny bit more social media clout

Klout, a platform which measures your influence online — and has close ties to Microsoft — has been acquired by San Francisco-based Lithium Technologies. In 2012, Microsoft made an investment in Klout and began to integrate the startup’s social status information into Bing. Through the partnership, Klout scores appeared in Bing and Klout was able… Read More


Two thumbs up 2.0: How social media affects our behavior at the movie theater

Social media tools are changing the movie theater experience before, during and after seeing a flick on the big screen. Nielsen’s annual American Moviegoing report shows specifically how moviegoers are interacting with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Before deciding which movie to see, 40 percent of those polled said they value recommendations they see posted by… Read More

Simply Measured captures last year's Startup of the Year Award.

Social media analytics startup Simply Measured raises $20M, wants to be Seattle’s next tech titan

Simply Measured is simply on fire. Less than a year after the company took home GeekWire’s 2013 Startup of the Year award, the Seattle-based social media analytics startup is announcing a $20 million Series C round led by Trinity Ventures. CEO and co-founder Adam Schoenfeld said that the fresh funds will help the company grow its… Read More

Vizify CEO and co-founder Todd Silverstein

Yahoo acquires social media visualization startup Vizify

Vizify, a Portland-based startup that turns your social media chatter into visualizations, today was acquired by Yahoo. Founded by Todd Silverstein, Jeff Cutler-Stamm, and Eli Tucker in 2011, Vizify is all about helping individuals make great first impressions. It does this by sucking in information that people already share online on social networking sites, and turning… Read More


Olympic athletes in Sochi banned from posting video, audio to social media

There’s a reason you won’t see any Instagram or Vine videos published on social media by Olympic athletes this month in Sochi. The International Olympic Committee has banned athletes and other “accredited persons” — coaches, officials, National Olympic Committee personnel, etc. — from posting any video or audio of events, competitions or other activities taking… Read More


Twitter smashes expectations with $243M in Q4 revenue, but user growth slows

Twitter reported today that its revenue for the fourth quarter of 2013 reached $243 million, up 116 percent year-over-year, marking a positive end to its first quarter as a publicly-traded company. The company reported non-GAAP earnings of 2 cents per share, and non-GAAP profit of $10 million. Those numbers soundly beat expectations from the Thomson Reuters… Read More


At least Denver won something: Broncos dominate Super Bowl conversation on Twitter

The Seattle Seahawks completely obliterated the Denver Broncos in just about every facet of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Off the field, however, is where Denver found some success. The Broncos dominated the conversation on Twitter — probably because everyone was talking about how poorly the Peyton Manning-led team was performing during its 43-8 loss. Which team… Read More

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Social media marketing startup LoopFuse acquired by Salesfusion

LoopFuse, which uses machine learning to identify demand signals on social media channels, has been acquired in a deal of undisclosed size by Atlanta-based Salesfusion. Led by former Gist executive Robert Pease, LoopFuse maintained operations in both Seattle and Atlanta. In an email, Pease said called the deal a “great outcome for everyone.” LoopFuse merged with… Read More


Silly science and our Facebook death fantasy

Why do some people like to think that Facebook might die? Would they be relieved to be free from its grip? Validated in a secret conviction that it was never as big a deal as everyone said? Does Facebook’s death seem so impossible it’s become a kind of underdog to root for? Or is it… Read More

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Courtney Love wins landmark Twitter defamation case

In a landmark case for social media, a Los Angeles jury has found that singer Courtney Love did not defame her former attorney on Twitter. The case stemmed from a Tweet Love penned in 2010 in which she claimed that her lawyer at the time, Rhonda Holmes, had been “bought off.” While the jury found that… Read More