General Services Administration picks Smartsheet, not Microsoft, for project management solution

Smartsheet already has a slew of notable users, but today the Seattle startup announced a key customer acquisition in the U.S General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA, which employs more than 12,000 and helps support the basic functioning of federal agencies, will use Smartsheet’s cloud-based online collaboration tool for a bevy of projects and processes…. Read More


GeekWire Awards: Vote for Startup Deal of the Year

OK, geek fans, we’re back for another round of voting in the GeekWire Awards. And today’s category promises to be a fun and competitive one: Startup Deal of the Year, presented by UK Trade & Investment. We’ve got some top-notch companies and firms in the running this year, and we’re curious to see how this one… Read More


These high-tech spreadsheets made the Super Bowl work

The Super Bowl for viewers is full of glitz, glamour and athleticism, but of course it takes a huge amount of behind-the-scenes coordination and logistics to making such a large event work. Bellevue-based Smartsheet had an inside glimpse of the action this weekend, as its spreadsheet-style project management and collaboration tools played a key role in… Read More