Small business, big impact: Support your local shops this holiday with Walk Score

When Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around every year, big-name businesses usually dominate the conversation and airwaves. Walk Score, a Seattle-based company that promotes walkable neighborhoods, wants to remind us that it’s important to support local shops amid all the corporate advertisements this holiday season. Walk Score is joining Small Business Saturday in asking people to… Read More


Microsoft cautions ‘Piracy Lurks Everywhere’

To help inform small businesses of the risk of being lured by counterfeit software offerings, Microsoft has launched a worldwide online video awareness campaign that calls attention to software acquistion methods that may lead to purchasing pirated content.  The digital video campaign is designed to provide more information and heighten awareness of the risks associated… Read More

Paul Allen

Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital backs small business lender, but don’t call it a bank

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is tossing his financial support behind a new Texas-based lending institution called Ascentium Capital. The idea behind the new entity — capitalized with $75 million of equity and a $250 million warehouse facility — is to support small businesses with the capital they need to grow their businesses. It is not… Read More