Should Microsoft trade rain for fog? Photo by Mark Dalmulder, via Flickr

Microsoft should move to S.F., contends Forbes writer

Put down the coffee and take a deep breath before you read this one. In his new column for Forbes, business consultant and strategist Peter Cohan contends that new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella should move the company to San Francisco. His argument, in essence, is that Seattle’s culture is too soft to challenge Microsoft to… Read More


Why this founder left the Bay Area for Portland

Portland is certainly growing as a national startup hub and one San Francisco founder frustrated with Bay Area scene is making the move north to the Rose City. Tom Dale, who co-founded San Fran-based development startup and created JavaScript framework Ember.js, just penned a blog post titled, “San Francisco, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.”… Read More


Sonics update: It’s turning into a Silicon Valley vs. Seattle investor showdown

By now, you’ve likely either read or had a discussion about the Seattle vs. Silicon Valley entrepreneurial debate. Heck, the good folks over at Killer Infographics even designed the badass poster you see above that artistically describes the different characteristics of each region’s geeks. Now that discussion is moving to the basketball court. For a while, it seemed as though… Read More

Christian Chabot at the GeekWire Meetup earlier this year.

Patience, perseverance and passion: Video highlights from our talk with Tableau CEO Christian Chabot

We had a great conversation with Tableau CEO Christian Chabot Wednesday evening at our GeekWire Meetup. Chabot talked about several interesting topics, from why entrepreneurs should avoid venture capital to the power of perseverence over pivoting to Seattle as a startup city. You can check out the video highlights above, followed by some additional thoughts from our attendees…. Read More

Tableau CEO Christian Chabot.

Tableau CEO Chabot: Seattle is the promised land of startup America

We had a stimulating conversation with Tableau CEO Christian Chabot yesterday at our GeekWire Meetup. Chabot touched on a number of really interesting topics and had good perspective on Seattle as a startup city. Chabot co-founded Tableau back in 2003 down at Stanford University but decided to bring the visual analytics software business up north to the… Read More


Seattle: America’s top tech city

There’s been a lot of debate and discussion in recent months about Seattle’s technology industry, and how it compares to other spots like Silicon Valley (See: Seattle and Silicon Valley, the inside view from the startup world) and New York City (See: Hey, NYC: There’s a tech hub out here called Seattle). Now, take a look at this…. Read More


Infographic: Seattle Geeks vs. Silicon Valley Geeks

We’re getting ready to kick off the big GeekWire Summit this afternoon — marking GeekWire’s first anniversary by bringing together tech leaders from around the region and the country for a conversation about the future of technology and innovation in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. As a lighthearted way of commemorating the occasion, we’ve partnered… Read More


Map: The hottest spots in the U.S. for startup tech jobs

Startup companies all over the country are fighting hard to attract and retain top technology talent — a tough chore given the rise of powerhouses such as Facebook and which are lapping up engineers and developers at every turn. (No wonder some startups have resorted to giving away cats in order to find engineers)…. Read More


The Climate Corp. picks Seattle for branch office, looks to cultivate talent to crunch weather data

Over the course of the past 18 months, a number of California tech titans (Facebook,, Zynga and Hulu) have established new engineering offices in Seattle. Most have arrived for one simple reason: The region’s strong line-up of technical talent. Now here comes one of the more unusual arrivals. (At least on the surface of… Read More


Newsmakers 2011: Neil Roseman helps bring Zynga to Seattle

One of the biggest stories in Seattle tech in 2011 was the arrival of the Silicon Valley tech titans. It seemed that nearly every other month a new company was establishing an engineering center in rain-soaked Seattle, picking off talented managers and engineers and altering the tech recruiting landscape in the process. Zynga, the fast-growing… Read More


Why this 29-year-old entrepreneur left Seattle for Silicon Valley

Aaron Franklin has been an active member of the Seattle startup community over the years. He’s participated in Startup Weekend in Redmond, attended events like Hops & Chops and actively blogs on the Web site Seattle 2.0. But when the 29-year-old former Microsoft employee was looking to start his new company, a task management service called… Read More