Women aren’t pregnant forever: Zulily grapples with slow shipping times

In today’s world of instant gratification and rapid shipping, Zulily orders can practically take an eternity to show up at your doorstep. Average wait times: A few weeks, and sometimes longer. I know this first-hand. Last year, a maternity dress I bought missed two weddings that I planned to attend while pregnant. Finally, I canceled the order because customer service… Read More

Photo via Amazon.

Six topics Jeff Bezos should address at Amazon’s shareholder meeting

Amazon’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday is one of the rare times we get to hear from Jeff Bezos. The rest of the year, the company’s founder and CEO frequently skips duties, like chatting with analysts on earnings calls; interviewing with the press or pitching new products at special events. So, with that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the topics we would… Read More


Amazon expands same-day delivery to more cities, with new search options and later ordering deadlines

  Need that socket-wrench set by the end of the day, without going to the hardware store? Amazon is aiming to make it easier. The online retailer is expanding its same-day delivery option to San Francisco and Dallas, making it a dozen cities where same-day delivery is now available from Amazon. The company is also pushing back… Read More

Amazon Prime's value perception has moved only slightly lower, but Netflix's has risen significantly.

99 reasons but price is not one: Consumers still value Netflix over Amazon Prime

There’s several reasons why consumers still prefer Netflix over Amazon, but the new $99 price tag of Amazon Prime isn’t one. That’s potentially good news for Amazon, which was seeing consumers protest following the announcement that Amazon would be raising the price of its shipping and streaming video service to $99. According to survey conducted… Read More


Report: Google to challenge Amazon with fast shipping

Google is talking with big retailers about creating a new service to provide fast, cheap shipping of items found through its product search engine, in competition with the free shipping feature of Amazon’s Prime subscription service, according to a Wall Street Journal report this morning. The search giant has approached such retailers as Macy’s, Gap… Read More