Enough, already! Amazon’s 1st employee takes MacKenzie Bezos to task for her blistering critique of Brad Stone’s book

The reviews for Brad Stone’s book profiling Amazon’s early years are beginning to resemble something approaching a water cooler for people associated with Amazon. In a four-star review of “The Everything Store” entitled “I did like this book,”, Shel Kaphan, Amazon’s first employee, took MacKenzie Bezos to task for her own one-star review. (While the… Read More

Shel Kaphan

Meet’s first employee: Shel Kaphan

Pages: 1 2 3 4 today is approaching 40,000 employees. Seventeen years ago, Shel Kaphan was No. 1. GeekWire Interview: Shel Kaphan,’s first employee Part 1: The forgotten founder? Part 2: Meeting Jeff Bezos Part 3: Building Part 4: A larger mission Long before Amazon turned into a multi-billion dollar online retailing powerhouse, and technology giant, it… Read More