Should Microsoft trade rain for fog? Photo by Mark Dalmulder, via Flickr

How San Francisco maps to Seattle: A reference guide

[Editor's Note: This guest post by tech writer and editor Matt Rosoff originally appeared on his personal blog.] So you’re moving from San Francisco to Seattle? Or from Seattle to San Francisco? I’ve done both, and the two cities have a lot in common. San Francisco is bigger, more expensive, more socioeconomically stratified, more ethnically… Read More


Does Seattle have an obligation to support Windows Phone?

It’s common these days for mobile app developers to start with iPhone and Android, and get to Windows Phone later — if at all. But should that be the practice in Microsoft Country? That’s the question following the city of Seattle’s release of a new “Find It, Fix It” app that lets citizens report problems… Read More

Seattle scene (Kurt Schlosser photo)

Beyond coffee and rain: These geeks want to make an awesome short film about Seattle’s tech community

Seattle is one of the most vibrant technology ecosystems in the world — home to tech titans like Amazon, Expedia and Microsoft as well as tons of up-and-coming startups in industries ranging from gaming to biotechnology to aerospace. And then there are all of the Silicon Valley giants — Facebook, Google, eBay,, Splunk, etc…. Read More


The top 3 cities for startups: Austin, Seattle and Boulder

The San Francisco Bay Area still holds the undisputed crown for startup activity and venture capital. But if you’re just looking to get your company started, there are some cheaper places to do so which still offer great amenities for entrepreneurs. According to a report from GoodApril, a San Francisco-based tax-planning service, the best places to… Read More


Why this ISP is wary of Seattle’s new gigabit Internet provider

There was a lot of excitement in Seattle on Monday after Washington D.C. broadband developer Gigabit Squared announced its residential rates for the ultra high-speed fiber network in Seattle it agreed to build last December. But Gigabit Squared actually isn’t the first to offer laser-quick Internet in the city. Spectrum Networks is a Seattle-based wholesale provider of Internet service to businesses. It also… Read More


Blazing fast broadband on the cheap: Pricing unveiled for Seattle’s gigabit Internet

Good news for those wanting to browse the web and download content at breakneck speeds: Ultra-fast Internet is officially arriving in Seattle early next year at an affordable price. Washington D.C. broadband developer Gigabit Squared today announced residential rates for the ultra high-speed fiber network in Seattle it agreed to build last December. There will be three pricing… Read More


Live from TEDxSeattle: Why the artist/geek hybrids will power the next generation

Sure, it’s good to be an expert of something specific, whether you’re an Android developer or an accounting expert. But for those wanting to find an incredible new invention or perhaps create a new industry — those people find their magic at the intersection of several domains of human knowledge. That’s the message Zumobi co-founder John SanGiovanni tried… Read More


WTF has McGinn done? Pinballers’ site touts Seattle mayor’s accomplishments

You may recall the website (there’s also the R-rated version here) that was launched back in 2010 by Barack Obama supporters to remind people of the president’s accomplishments. Now, just as Seattle’s mayoral race kicks into high gear, two Seattleites are doing the same to show their support for Mayor Mike McGinn. Inspired by the… Read More


Poll: Washington drivers have better morals than Oregon motorists

Congrats, Washington: Your drivers show more honesty than those from down south. A new poll from Seattle-based PEMCO Insurance found that Washington drivers are more likely to leave a note with contact information after hitting an unattended car than motorists from Oregon. The numbers speak for themselves: 67 percent of Washington state drivers leave their information,… Read More