HBO CTO Otto Berkes

HBO doubling Seattle engineering office, expects to top 100 people by year-end

HBO’s Seattle engineering office has grown to 55 people since opening last year, and the company is planning to double the size of the operation by the end of this year — taking over a second floor in its existing building to accommodate the expansion. The growth of HBO’s engineering office in the city “certainly has exceeded my expectations,” said Otto Berkes, HBO’s… Read More

A sign outside of Amazon's HQ in Seattle. Photo via Matt Shobe.

Ever-expanding Amazon takes another half-million square feet in four Seattle buildings

Amazon is growing so fast in Seattle, it’s hard to keep up. The tech giant is preparing to move into more than 540,000 square feet of additional office space in three existing buildings north of downtown Seattle — in the Denny Triangle, Belltown and on Elliott Ave. W. — according to city permits and county property records. The Seattle Times reported… Read More

Bo Lu

Here’s the 650-word explanation on why this Seattle entrepreneur moved his startup to San Francisco

A few days ago, I stumbled upon the news that Sequoia-backed FutureAdvisor raised $15.5 million in fresh funding. It looked to be a straightforward venture capital story. And then something caught my eye: The dateline on the news release was listed as San Francisco. That was a surprise to me since founders and former Microsoft managers… Read More


Cable TV providers slip in Seattle tech survey, as satisfaction and users decline

Seattle residents don’t always agree on things, to say the least, but they are increasingly united in their sentiments about the city’s incumbent cable TV providers — with many preparing to drop cable television service altogether if things don’t improve. Cable TV subscribers have declined to 59 percent — down 13 percentage points since 2009 — among the more… Read More

Alexandria, Va.

Amazon’s new ranking of America’s most well-read cities: Guess who’s first?

Amazon released its fourth annual list of America’s most well-read cities this morning, and Alexandria, Va., continued its reign at the top of the ranking, as its residents maintained their status as the biggest bookworms in the country. But Seattle fared very well in the list, vaulting into fourth place this year from number 13 last year, according… Read More


Instacart challenges Amazon Fresh with Seattle grocery delivery, ordering from QFC and Costco

Get ready for the online grocery wars. Instacart, the San Francisco-based grocery delivery company founded by former Amazon engineer Apoorva Mehta, just opened for business in Seattle. Interested users inside Seattle proper can order groceries from QFC and Costco through Instacart’s mobile or Web apps, and get everything from fresh lettuce to cartons of milk… Read More


Commentary: Tech apathy is killing Seattle’s soul

A bunch of friends and I recently converged on the Sound Mind and Body Gym in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood for a bittersweet final afternoon of full-court basketball. The gym closed its doors on March 31, converting what was arguably the most beautiful basketball venue in the Pacific Northwest into tech office space. The gym was… Read More


Here are the 10 fastest-growing regions of the U.S. (Seattle is one of them)

New data from the Census Bureau released today shows more people flocking to the Seattle region than most places of the country. From July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013, the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area ranked tenth in numerical population growth, adding 57,514 people. The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land region in Texas had the biggest growth of U.S. metro areas,… Read More


Why Seattle needs a WhatsApp

I woke up this morning thinking about WhatsApp. Not so much about the mouth-dropping $19 billion price tag that Facebook put on the five-year-old Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup, the biggest venture-backed M&A exit ever. But why a deal of this size, style and scope is so desperately needed in Seattle. I’ve argued in the past… Read More

Pike Place Market sign. Photo via Runner310

Seattle needs a new nickname, but please no Silicon!

During the dot-com boom years, it seemed like every major city (and even some minor ones) looked to affix the “Silicon” moniker to themselves, part of some false hope that a nickname would in some way help bring prestige, jobs and wealth. Names such as Silicon Alley (New York); Silicon Hills (Austin) and even the… Read More


BBC asks: Is Seattle the next Silicon Valley?

Well, here we go again. Another debate on how Seattle stacks up against Silicon Valley — this time from the good folks across the pond at the BBC. We put a bit of a moratorium on the Silicon Valley vs. Seattle issue here at GeekWire after the debate kept raging, though we do occasionally still… Read More


Activists block Microsoft shuttles in Seattle, in anti-gentrification protest

Several Microsoft Connector shuttles were reportedly blocked for a total of 45 minutes in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood this morning by protesters handing out flyers and carrying signs that read, “Gentrification Stops Here.” The protests, as detailed on Twitter and the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, underscore rising tensions in cities including Seattle and San Francisco… Read More

Should Microsoft trade rain for fog? Photo by Mark Dalmulder, via Flickr

Microsoft should move to S.F., contends Forbes writer

Put down the coffee and take a deep breath before you read this one. In his new column for Forbes, business consultant and strategist Peter Cohan contends that new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella should move the company to San Francisco. His argument, in essence, is that Seattle’s culture is too soft to challenge Microsoft to… Read More