Microsoft ‘Scroogled’ ad lambasting Google wasn’t misleading, regulator rules

A UK advertising regulator ruled that a Microsoft “Scroogled” radio ad attacking the way Google scans user email was not misleading, despite two complaints against the Redmond software giant. The ad, part of Microsoft’s ongoing “Scroogled” campaign that lambasts Google’s privacy policies, uses a Pig Latin voiceover to show how Microsoft offers better email security…. Read More

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Microsoft taps ‘Pawn Stars’ guys to bash Chromebooks in new ‘Scroogled’ ad

After offering up a bunch of novelty gift items promoting its “Scroogled” campaign, Microsoft has fired another salvo. This time, they’ve enlisted the help of Rick Harrison and Richard Harrison, two of the stars of the History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars,” to bash Google’s Chromebooks. The ad follows a woman who wants to pawn… Read More


Microsoft selling t-shirts and coffee mugs that rip Google’s privacy policies

Need some new clothes and hate Google’s privacy policies? Well, Microsoft has you covered. The “Scroogled” campaign, which Microsoft created about a year ago to bash Google, is moving from the web to t-shirts, coffee mugs and hoodies. The products, available for purchase now in the “Scroogled Store,” offer a variety of designs and phrases all… Read More


Microsoft hammers Google over ads in schools

The Scrooglers have struck again. First it was Google Shopping, then came Gmail which was followed by Google Play. Now, Microsoft’s latest attack on Google comes in the form of education. The new Scroogled campaign is timed with Microsoft’s debut of Bing for Schools, a program allowing schools across the country to use an ad-free version of Bing that comes… Read More


The Google bashing continues: Microsoft says ‘Scroogled’ campaign will go on

“Scroogling” isn’t quite over yet. Contrary to earlier reports today that Microsoft ended its “Scroogled” ad campaign against Google, the Redmond software giant just came out with a statement saying that it is far from over. Here’s what a Microsoft spokesperson had to say: “Scroogled will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people…. Read More


Microsoft ending anti-Google ‘Scroogled’ ad campaign

It looks like Microsoft is done bashing Google — for now. Late last week, Microsoft’s Director of Search Stefan Weitz told California’s KQED that the company’s “Scroogled” campaign is “about finished.” Back in November, Microsoft attacked Google’s new shopping advertising model and they even created a new word and website to prove it. Then early… Read More