Here’s a way to attract developers: Give away puppies

Seattle startups have been pretty dang creative with how they hire talented developers. Two years ago, Cheezburger stood outside of an Amazon company meeting with free Dick’s cheeseburgers in hopes of luring talent away from the online giant. Then, now-defunct Giant Thinkwell tried giving away free cats in exchange for interviews. Scott Porad leads product development at dog sitting… Read More


GeekWire Awards: Vote for Hire of the Year

We’re back for another round of voting in the GeekWire Awards. And today’s category — Hire of the Year — is a critical one as companies engage in an all-out war for talent. This category is presented by Summit Group Solutions, and it marks one of three remaining categories in the Awards voting process.  We… Read More

Scott Porad with Oscar

The cat’s out of the bag: Former Cheezburger CTO Scott Porad joins dog sitting service Rover.com

In his previous life, Scott Porad ran the technical operations for one of the world’s largest cat blogs: I Can Has Cheezburger. But now Porad, who left Cheezburger last month, has leashed an entirely new opportunity. Of all places, he’s landed at Rover.com, the Seattle startup that specializes in matching pet sitters with dog owners…. Read More


Cheezburger’s tech whiz Scott Porad to depart the company

Cheezburger Chief Technology Officer Scott Porad is stepping down from the online comedy network after five years on the job, GeekWire has learned. “It’s sad to see an original member of our team move on, but we respect Scott’s desire to take a step back and spend some time with his family to decide what’s… Read More


The new Cheezburger redesign: Faster, funnier and fewer trolls

Cheezburger’s rise to the top of the Internet charts has certainly been impressive to watch, leaving some investors kicking themselves that they didn’t have the foresight to invest early in the online comedy network. But what’s been most impressive about Cheezburger is how the company has strung together so many oddball Web sites, slapping things… Read More


Have it your way on Cheezburger with new personalized Web pages

The folks over at Cheezburger are masters of user-generated content — obtaining and showcasing funny photos and videos from the cat, dog and fail lovers who show up in droves every day. But a new offering that quietly launched this evening could take user-generated content to an entirely new level. It’s called Cheezburger Sites, and… Read More