Stratos Genomics raises $10M for DNA sequencing technology

Stratos Genomics, a Seattle-based biotech company, has raised $10 million of a $16.3 million series B round. CEO Allan Stephan confirmed the new funding with us today, but wouldn’t disclose investors. Founded in 2007, Stratos Genomics is a spin-off of Seattle-based Stratos Group. The company builds technology called Sequencing By Expansion, or “SBX,” which converts DNA into more easily-read polymer, making… Read More


Cardiac Dimensions raises $20M to sell heart-valve repair technology

AlCardiac Dimensions, a Kirkland-based company building heart-valve repair technology, today announced a $20 million round of financing led by M. H. Carnegie & Co. and Lumira Capital. Founded in 2001, Cardiac Dimensions has developed a way to address cardiovascular conditions with its Carillon Mitral Contour System, a non-surgical device that treats a form of congestive heart failure… Read More

Oricula Therapeutics CEO Malcolm Gleser.

UW spin-out Oricula Therapeutics raises cash to sell medicine that prevents hearing loss

Oricula Therapeutics, a startup spun out of the University of Washington, has raised $122,000 to commercialize medicine that can help prevent hearing loss. Founded in 2013, Seattle-based Oricula grew out of research done at the UW that uncovered ways to help patients maintain good hearing after taking antibiotics for serious infections. The startup has licensed… Read More


More funding for cancer research in Seattle: Adaptive Biotechnologies raises $105M

Researchers from Seattle who are finding ways to eliminate cancer are bringing in some serious funding today. On the same day the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center announced a $20 million donation from the family of CEO Jeff Bezos, Seattle-based Adaptive Biotechnologies announced a big $105 million investment. Adaptive, which had previously only raised $15 million, was… Read More


This morning’s Seattle snow is a triumph of technology

If you’re just waking up in the Seattle region, there’s a surprise waiting outside: a nice coating of snow. In fact, this would have surprised meteorologists in the past. But not this time, thanks to advances in the computer systems and scientific approaches used to predict weather. The new generation of WRF models were predicting this… Read More


With $120M in its pocket, Juno Therapeutics aims to wipe out cancer by rewiring the immune system

One big problem with existing cancer therapies available today like chemotherapy and radiation is the collateral damage. While some medicine can completely kill cancer, it also may destroy healthy, normal cells in one’s body. But Juno Therapeutics, a new Seattle startup that just raised a massive $120 million series A round, thinks it has a… Read More

Bill Nye

Screw selfies: Merriam-Webster’s word of the year is ‘science’

When Oxford University Press announced last month that the 2013 word of the year was “selfie,” I was actually a little concerned about our future. Thankfully, though, Merriam-Webster has come to the rescue with its own word of the year: “science.” Based on the biggest increase in lookups at compared to 2012, “science,” came out… Read More


Geeks Give Back: Support Seattle Children’s Research Institute at this year’s GeekWire Gala

‘Tis the season to get geeky. And give back! We’re getting excited for the geekiest holiday bash of the season, with more than 800 expected at the big GeekWire Gala next Wednesday at the fabulously festive Museum of History & Industry in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. And while we’ll raise a toast to an exciting… Read More


Kona Medical raises $10M to reduce high blood pressure for people in China

Kona Medical has raised $10 million in a Series D round from Morningside Group to bring its novel ultrasound technology to patients in China. Founded in 2009, the Bellevue-based company is led by Oraya Therapeutics founder Michael Gertner. Kona’s technology is dubbed “Surround Sound” since it utilizes ultrasound from outside the body in order to treat nerves around… Read More


Chemical computer: Researchers develop programming language to control DNA molecules

Programming languages tell computers what to do, and now researchers from the University of Washington want to do the same for scientists working with chemical reactions. In what could potentially pave the way for an advanced drug delivery system or disease detector, the UW researchers have written a programming language that can control the movement… Read More


These researchers just figured out how to control each other’s brains with the Internet

New research that just came out of the University of Washington is groundbreaking, utterly insane and straight out of a sci-fi flick. In what they call the first noninvasive human-to-human brain interface, two UW researchers found a way to control each others minds from across campus. Yes, that’s right — using the Internet and a few other… Read More


Seattle Children’s cites early progress fighting cancer by reprogramming blood cells

Marking a milestone in the fight against cancer, Seattle Children’s Research Institute this afternoon reported that the first patient in a closely watched clinical trial has had a positive response to the treatment — which involves reprogramming the body’s infection-fighting T-cells to target cancer instead. Researchers say Lynsie Conradi, 23, of Bellingham, Wash., has displayed… Read More


Ballmer, Myhrvold make Top 100 list recognizing CEOs impacting science, tech education

Two Washington CEOs — and former Microsoft colleagues — made a Top 100 CEO list for executives that were recognized for making a difference in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries and education. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myrhvold made the list, which was compiled by STEMconnector “to salute and celebrate an… Read More


Want to control a computer with your brain? Better practice

Research has already shown the potential for brain-computer interfaces and how people can control machines such as robotic limbs simply by thinking about a certain task. Now a study out of the University of Washington goes deeper and shows how the process of improving brain-computer skills is very similar to improving simple motor skills like throwing… Read More


Nike Accelerator Spotlight: GeoPalz motivates kids to exercise with reward system

Editor’s note: Nike Accelerator Spotlight takes a look at the ten startups participating in the Nike+ Accelerator, a three-month startup program based in Portland, Ore. and put on by Nike and TechStars. GeekWire is featuring each company leading up to the June 10 demo day. Check out past Spotlights below.  As technology becomes more prevalent in today’s world, seeing… Read More